Most people live in a restricted circle of potential and it’s not because they lack intelligence, opportunities or resources but because they don’t believe in themselves or worse, they don’t think they are “good enough”. The truth of the matter is that self-esteem and confidence are learnable skills and therefore can be understood, trained and mastered in life.

Research shows that the right level of confidence can help you to take on the world with more energy and determination, resulting in better relationships, quality work and courage to maximize your potential. Today organizations need people with higher levels of independence, self-reliance, self-trust, and the capacity to exercise initiative.

The journey of building confidence and developing self-esteem is aimed at anyone interested in personal growth & development in their careers. We will be exploring how self-esteem and confidence can significantly improve a number of soft skills, such a positive and emotional intelligence, adaptability, flexibility, communication, social skills, resilience, courage, self-awareness, empathy and self-management. This program is both, highly informative and practical, to ensure you will have lots of opportunities for deep self-exploration to uncover your limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviours.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

~Michael Jordan

Research shows that the cognitive knowledge and capabilities of a team only contribute to 25% of a team's performance. The other 75% is determined by interpersonal communication and collaboration.

''Creating a Winning Team'' is an inspirational performance and development program that empowers teams to improve their collaboration, communication and, ultimately, their performance.

''Creating a Winning Team'' gives life to the vision of developing strong partnerships through an “open, transparent, and collaborative” organization. As a result of attending the program, team members and leaders are empowered to take full responsibility for their current results and processes, and are inspired to become the authors of their own successful future.

Accelerate Talent is an inspirational talent program that is designed to empower top talents to become effective leaders in the new world economy and to equip individuals with the personal skills to activate extraordinary results through self-leadership.

Accelerate Talent does exactly that, it enhances and speeds up the development of talent and accelerates the ascent of our future leaders. It enables individual talents to make the necessary shift to lead our organization into the future, and it achieves this through the effective integration of personality, performance and potential.

Why Change Management?

For organizational change to be truly effective and beneficial, it is crucial to have the support and buy-in of the staff where the change is to be implemented. This may appear to be an obvious statement. All too often the impact of change on the people of the organization is ignored. This program helps you not only deal with the change, it helps you understand who you need to be because of the change.

“People change what they do less because they are given analysis that shifts their thinking than because they are shown a truth that influences feelings.” John Kotter (2005)


Leading and Collaborating remotely is a facilitated three-month learning journey and in this fast-paced digital and virtual program you will gain the tools to work, collaborate and lead remotely. You will learn the techniques to support how you manage and collaborate with your virtual teams.

The program is a blended learning solution combining facilitated digital learning and virtual group sessions. The digital workouts activate your reflections, provide you with tools and insights and set you up for on-the-job actions. The virtual sessions will encourage peer learning and focus on coaching by the TNM program facilitator.

In this fast paced digital and virtual program participants learn the tools to work, collaborate and lead under pressure to increase effectiveness and efficiency at the personal, team and organizational levels. It provides participants with techniques to support how they manage stress and to keep calm during a challenging period or crisis.

The step from accepting a management position to becoming a successful leader takes more than just acquiring new management skills and competencies. It calls for a fundamental adjustment in mindset. Being an Effective Leader is a facilitated learning experience that empowers first-level managers to make the necessary transition in terms of work values, time application and skills, to be an effective leader. This three-day program explores both core management and key leadership skills, as well as the mindset of an effective first-line manager. Being an Effective Leader is based on high impact learning principles that integrate participants' real-life situations into the learning experience, making it immediately relevant and meaningful.