October 26, 2021

F.A.S.T Agility

Agility Mindset

Being Agile and Doing Agile. We need to be Agile to Survive, with an Agility Mindset we can Thrive, in business and personally.

Agility as a Mindset can go beyond tools, frameworks, methods and models.

So what's F.A.S.T?


Business Flow can be defined as the end to end stream from customer request or demand to delivery to the customer. It varies in each company and industry.

Personal Flow has one its representations in the chart of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of the book Flow.



Actionable and practical. Agility implies adapting, adopting, changing and or eliminating actions. This applies both in business and personal life.



To be on purpose paradoxical with acronym F.A.S.T ---> S in this case is for Slow. Some things need and take time, just observe Nature. The sentence below is attributed to many sources, including the US Navy Seals. Sometimes it's better to slow down to speed up.

slow is smooth


In presentations the image below is displayed and the question is asked: "What do all of the below have in common?" Last night someone said Teeth 🙂 So far no one as came up with the answer desired, which is Team. All of the people (and bee) below have achieved a lot because they have Teams to support them.

Wishing you all the best with F.A.S.T Agility.

Written by Andre Ribeiro
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