It’s time to discover how to wake up happy

The key to living a life that you love is to know what YOU want, understand what YOU truly care about and focus fearlessly on these every day. 

A Life Well Loved shows you how to live your best life through an eight-week facilitated process of self-discovery and self-coaching. You’ll learn the skills that enable you to identify what’s truly important and be empowered to focus on the things that nurture you.

A Life Well Loved was created by Vivienne Ladommatou and Shaun Young, co-founders of Hall and Grace, and is based on their new book Loved: How to coach yourself to well being through self love*. 

Shaun and Vivienne know that you often need more than a book to make genuine, lasting changes - it takes support, action and practice.  That’s why they’ve distilled the essence of Loved and combined it with decades of experience in counselling, mental health support and professional coaching, into a simple, effective course that touches every area of your life.