Family Constellation is a powerful method to help us recognise and dissolve unhealthy entanglements within our family system that sometimes involve several generations. It is a unique method to overcome and heal collective trauma. Solution-oriented interventions bring understanding, clarity and healing to all our relationships, including parents and original family members, partners, children, work and business partners.

We learn to understand our behaviour, feelings, beliefs and sometimes physical problems as a result of belonging to a collective group. In every social group certain unspoken and mostly unconscious laws guide the behaviour of everyone who belongs to that group. Suffering usually arises if one or more members of the system unconsciously violate these archaic laws.

Constellation work is a way to make the unconscious bonding in our family system visible, discover where there are entanglements that impact our lives and see what steps can be taken toward the healing of past traumas. This restores the flow of love and life force in our system, benefiting everyone.

About Candra Karlholm
Candra is a coach, therapist and workshop leader who is passionate about growing in love and awareness, in all areas of life. Through courses, individual sessions and systemic constellation work, she helps people find clarity, connection and compassion in a way that radically improves their relationships and day-to-day life. 

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