Coaching Programs
for the Workplace

Because your leaders and managers need
time to stop, breathe and find new ways of working.
Coaching that changes patterns and unleashes potential

Why workplace and executive coaching really works

Coaching creates fundamental, sustainable changes in leadership effectiveness and self-awareness, and develops enormous individual potential while retaining valuable talent and knowledge within the organisation.

Coaching works because it uses high-level listening and questioning skills that empower leaders to examine their own abilities and environment and create their own solutions. By developing their self-awareness and owning the solutions to the challenges, the results are more likely to stick.

What you and your leaders can expect from executive, leadership and professional coaching

For you, your team and your leaders to get the most out of coaching, we’ve developed a process that ensures each coachee gets a high-quality, well thought-out coaching experience that carefully and accurately guides them towards their goals.

The relationship between a coach and coachee can make or break the success of the coaching process, so we don’t blindly pair people together – we take the time to ensure there’s a great fit in the partnership with complementary personalities and great chemistry.

While each experience is tailored to the needs of the coachee and their organisation, you can expect that the process will follow these four phases.

The 4 Phases of The Coaching Process

Coaching Phase 1
Establishing the Framework
  • Alignment with sponsor/s (HR rep and manager)
  • Alignment with coachee
  • Coaching Preparation Form
Coaching Phase 2
  • Goal setting
  • Program design
  • Roles, responsibilities and ground rules
Coaching Phase 3
Coaching Process
  • Ongoing coaching (performance, competencies,
    awareness, etc.)
  • On-the-job training
  • Field assignments
Coaching Phase 4
Completions & Conclusions
  • Progress and goals review
  • Coaching completion
  • Coaching summary
  • Reports to sponsor/s (coach and coachee)
  • Next steps

We can deliver coaching in a variety of ways. Coaching meetings are held either in person or virtually as:

  • Individual in-person coaching
  • Individual virtual coaching (by video conference)
  • Individual e-coaching (by email)
  • Individual digital coaching (by WhatsApp)
  • Group in-person coaching
  • Virtual group coaching (by video conference)
  • Group digital coaching (by social networks)

Our coaching approach

We believe that each executive possesses a combination of natural ability and the capacity to develop.

We live in world where the pace of change is ever increasing so today’s leaders need to evolve at an accelerated rate for their business to stay competitive. Tomorrow's solutions can't always be found with today's thinking.

This means executives need to be dynamic, adapting the way they work to new situations. The skills they need to achieve this can be developed through the successful coaching of three dimensions: personality, performance and potential.

This is a combination of emotions, attitudes and behaviours based on past experiences and predisposition. Coaching personality will enhance and unleash the natural abilities of the coachee to become a balanced and strong individual.
Our performance is defined by our
current set of skills and abilities
and how we apply them. Coaching
performance will focus on building
skill sets needed for the executive
to achieve peak performance.
A person’s potential is the inherent
ability or capacity for growth,
development, or coming into being.
Coaching potential enhances
existing, and unleashes new,
potential to achieve personal and
business success.

What coaching
services do you

We coach your leaders to identify the most effective strategies, core competencies, and techniques for success, showing them how to use a coaching mindset and coaching skills to bring out the best in their employees.

Leaders develop tools for both understanding and tapping into their team’s intrinsic motivation, directing through questioning, and allowing people to take responsibility for their own performance.

We work with executives at the top of their organisation, offering them an outside partner to help them manage the unique challenges of leadership and achieve the goals they have set for themselves and their companies.

They’ll come away with a greater awareness of self and others, the ability to make better decisions, and the tools to capitalise on their people’s strengths to increase effectiveness and profits.

Performance coaching is designed to help competent, promising middle and senior manager achieve their full potential to help the company succeed.

They’ll learn valuable coaching skills to use with their own teams, enriching their working relationships and enabling them to adapt and respond to new challenges with greater flexibility and productivity.

Coaching isn’t just for individuals. When teams replace hierarchy, our coaches help make the new "flat" organization work in your company.

We coach high impact teams to take appropriate leadership roles, communicate effectively, build on each member's strengths, and work well together to increase productivity. This results in greater levels of commitment, motivation, productivity and, ultimately, success.

It’s difficult to nurture talent if they aren’t sure what they want from their career. We coach people to discover passions, skills and talents, taking steps and making commitments to achieve what they have always wanted in their professional life.

They come away with clarity, strategies for growing their networks to support their career, defining their personal brand and career strategy.

Simple, no-nonsense
coaching packages

To save you from guessing how many sessions you might need and what works best, we’ve developed a range of simple coaching packages.

We offer three types of coaching packages, each of which includes six to eight hours of coaching delivered either face-to-face, virtually or a combination of both over a period of three to four months.

A virtual coaching package may look like:

  • 1 x 1 hour alignment meeting with HR and/or the coachee’s manager
  • 6 x 1 hour individual coaching sessions
  • 1 x 1 hour debrief meeting with HR and/or the coachee’s manager

Want to talk about what package works best for your organisation?

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