Our L&D
Program Development
How we create tailored leadership and talent development
programs that fit your business like a glove.

A collaborative
process guided
by you.

Your organisational culture, talent and leadership challenges are unique to your business – which is why the one-size-fits-all programs you’ve used in the past may not have provided the results you were hoping for.

We use a clear, four-step process to define, create and deliver solutions that suit your people, enable long-lasting change, and don’t break your budget.


Coaching, research and strategy
Delivering via face-to-face or virtual sessions and digital learning


Embedding learning, evaluation, assessment and follow-up
Development Process


Course design and program format


Delivering via face-to-face or virtual sessions and digital learning


Embedding learning, evaluation, assessment and follow-up
Using coaching techniques to define your strategy.
From the very beginning, TNM’s coaching core has set us

We use our deep expertise in coaching to ask you and your
team powerful questions to help you identify and articulate
your specific needs; listen to help you uncover new ideas and
innovative solutions; and provide clarity on which coaching
programs, training courses, and new technologies most
effectively address those needs.

Learn more about our approach to coaching in the workplace.
Coaching in the workplace approach
Crafting your
course design and
program format.
You have clarity on what you need, but how do you achieve it?

Should you use in-person sessions, virtual training or self-directed learning? Or a combination of these? Is 1:1 coaching a
better option for some leaders?

As a full-service training and coaching firm, we can deliver
training via a wide range of formats, from simulations and
podcasts to interactive digital platform portals and insight-based live training programs.

We’ll partner with you to determine the best learning formats
and co-create a program that considers your people’s
particular learning styles and needs to ensure it delivers the
best possible impact for your organisation.

And with a good dose of fun and play, our training
interventions will be as far from boring as you can get!
Explore our business programs
Delivering face-to-face, virtual and
digital training and
You expect innovation, initiative and impact from your learning
and development budget – and that’s how it should be.

Our greatest strength is in delivering high-energy, interactive,
participant-centred programs – whether in-person, virtually
or digitally.

Wherever they are working, your people will have access to
members of TNM’s global network of coaches and trainers
who are experienced in using cutting-edge learning platforms,
digital communication technology and transformational
coaching techniques.

In addition to our business programs, our coaching can be
delivered face-to-face or virtually.
Meet our business trainers and coaches
Evaluating progress,
assessing impact and
creating follow-up
tools for the future.
Just as important as designing and delivering the right
solution, is understanding how well it’s worked. And that
requires more depth than a survey at the end of the session!

We’ll work with you to create meaningful assessments,
evaluation tools and follow-up experiences that transform
your inspired course participants into your next generation of

Using our recommended evaluation and assessment tools,
you’ll have the metrics and momentum to continue fostering a
culture of dynamic leadership, transparent communication,
and greater flexibility in fast-paced, ever-changing

With your team, we can use these metrics to go beyond
assessing the impact of your program to build a learning
community with online tools and ambassadors that keep the
experience alive.
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