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Because your people are capable of great things with the right training.

Do your leaders and
their teams need a skills boost?

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Your leaders have the potential to take the organisation from good to great, but their communication and coaching skills are lacking.

Or your teams are great at their jobs but need help working together more effectively.
TNM’s carefully designed collection of programs deliver training in three core skills areas: coaching, interpersonal and leadership.

We’ve covered the business gamut from leading for innovation, team coaching skills, persuasion and influence, resilience, negotiation and confidence to wellbeing, creativity and talent. There’s a professional development program available for your people at every stage of their career.

Below is a a selection of the programs we offer. We can also create a tailored solution with a selection of programs that meet your organisation’s unique needs.
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SHIFT – Sustainability Leadership

Through coaching and project-based experiential learning, leaders learn ...
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Integrative Team Coaching

The world is run by teams yet often they are teams in name only. They are ...
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Dare to Lead™ Program

Brought to you by tnm coaching and based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, ...
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Vibrant Leader

Have you ever had the sense that there is much more to you, and to life, than ...
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Virtual Coaching

The Virtual Coach program is aimed at leaders and specialists who want to be ...
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Coaching For Performance

Coaching for Performance is a leadership course that teaches coaching as a ...
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Confidence At Work

Most people live in a restricted circle of potential and it’s not because ...
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Powerful Presentations

At the forefront of any organization, the communication skills of executives ...
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Creating A Winning Team

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” ...
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Accelerate Talent

Accelerate Talent is an inspirational talent program that is designed to ...
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Being a Coach High Impact

Being a Coach HI is a new management and leadership course that teaches ...
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Espresso Coach

Espresso Coach is a new management and leadership program that teaches coaching ...
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Leading Change Online

Why Change Management? For organizational change to be truly effective and ...
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You & Ai

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The Mindful Leader Program

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power ...
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Be Focused Under Pressure

In this fast paced digital and virtual program participants learn the tools to ...
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Mirror Leadership Program

Mirror is an inspirational leadership program designed to empower people to ...
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Being An Effective Manager

The step from accepting a management position to becoming a successful leader ...