Accelerate Talent

Inspires and accelerates leadership potential

Accelerate Talent is an inspirational talent program that is designed to empower top talents to become effective leaders in the new world economy and to equip individuals with the personal skills to activate extraordinary results through self-leadership.

Accelerate Talent does exactly that, it enhances and speeds up the development of talent and accelerates the ascent of our future leaders. It enables individual talents to make the necessary shift to lead our organization into the future, and it achieves this through the effective integration of personality, performance and potential.

  • Personality is about emotions, attitudes, behaviours, and our natural ability.
  • Performance is defined by our current set of skills and competencies and how we apply them.
  • Potential is our capacity for growth and development, or coming into being.


“When you know who you are and what you stand for, you put your potential to work in ways that dramatically affect your own performance and potential as a leader.”

~Lao Tzu


Accelerate Talent is based on cutting-edge leadership theory and practice that is foundational to modern leadership for the new epoque.

It incorporates the organizational leadership framework and inspires the integration of key leadership behaviors in everyday work life.

Module 1is an opportunity to become acquainted with inner thoughts and feelings, to understand our inner world and become conscious of how this impacts our experience as a leader.

Module 2is about understanding how we impact and interact with the world around us, and the extent to which the way we present ourselves impacts our ability to inspire and influence others.

Business project sessions during both modulesare the practical thread that delivers specific solutions and support participants as they develop individual Business Projects, explore and implement new skills, and work toward the final event featuring a Poster Trade Show and Project Presentations, with an invited audience of senior leaders.

These sessions focus on the three essential tools that are necessary to identify, distinguish and implement strategic business initiatives; Scenario Modeling, Strategy Canvas and Must-Win Battle Thinking.

Scenario Modeling helps uncover future opportunities and answers the question of why an initiative is viable. Strategy Canvas differentiates the product and defines whatthe product is. Must-Win Battle thinking creates momentum and identifies howto get where you want to go with a product.

More of an experience than a course, participants who engage in the programme will be able to:

  • Understand their strengths, competencies and areas for development
  • Understand the culture and how to contribute to building it
  • Develop leadership qualities, skills and abilities in an organic and creative way
  • Be inspired to innovate leadership practices and skills in meaningful ways
  • Shift their self-awareness so their presence creates powerful leadership
  • Integrate a new leadership mindset in their daily life as a leader

As result of active involvement, participants will be ready to:

  • Use their self-awareness to enhance their current and future performance
  • Positively impact on business results
  • Create an environment that invites sharing, innovation and drives entrepreneurial instincts
  • Realize their potential as future leaders
  • Activate the necessary leadership mindset, skills and abilities for the organization to continue on a successful trajectory


Accelerate Talent involves a series of challenging activities, insightful assessments and experiential learning and coaching. Each element of the program builds on an individual's natural ability, whilst developing their future potential.

Participants have the opportunity to apply for a job at the next level up in a simulated interview, to create a dynamic video CV, to network, and to develop a business project to be presented during the Poster Trade Show and Project Presentations at the end of the programme.

The virtual and online elements enhance and add skills to classroom sessions and business projects, and are directly linked to participants' preparation for face-to-face modules and the closing event. Virtual sessions are designed as mini 'master classes' with the purpose of sharpening specific skills, and are delivered in three cycles focusing on the following five areas: creating an impression, interviewing, presenting, influencing and networking.


A talent whose current performance and future potential would be enhanced and accelerated by a strong personal foundation of self-awareness and self-leadership, and a new toolbox of strategic business skills.

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