Be Focused Under Pressure

Focusing attention, maintaining resilience and managing time

In this fast paced digital and virtual program participants learn the tools to work, collaborate and lead under pressure to increase effectiveness and efficiency at the personal, team and organizational levels. It provides participants with techniques to support how they manage stress and to keep calm during a challenging period or crisis.


Participants that attend the program will have the following tools and skills;

  • New ideas and resources to increase their own focus and efficiency
  • New ideas and resources to lead and collaborate with their team creating more engagement, focus and productivity
  • Understand how to stretch the ability to cope with stress
  • Frameworks and resources for better prioritization, managing distractions, and making decisions in a fast-paced environment

Key Features

  • Digital workouts
  • Virtual workshops
  • Hands-on tools and exercises
  • Action-oriented learning
  • Facilitated process by TNM Coaches

WANT to learn more:

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