Being a Coach High Impact

Coaching people for extraordinary results

Being a Coach HI is a new management and leadership course that teaches coaching as an advanced communication and leadership skill. The course is based on coaching theory that focuses on the GROW coaching model and uses role-play with real cases that are specific and relevant to real life business environments. As an outcome of this course, participants will have the ability to enable people to find solutions for themselves instead of giving them the answers. The result is a new, empowered way of working that gives ownership of goals and tasks. The measurable results are higher productivity and long term efficiency.

BAC HI utilizes an Action Learning Group (ALG) format for the Follow-Up sessions. An Action Learning Group (ALG) is a group of peers who develop themselves and each other by using each other's experience and knowledge to deal with the similar situations and issues that they encounter. Its members learn with and from each other through real-time application and practice of the skills they are developing, so that the learning process itself becomes a group project. Each member takes responsibility for the results and outcome of their own learning process.

The aim of having action learning groups as an integral part of training is to encourage and support the on-the-job implementation of coaching skills, competencies and attitudes that are outlined during the workshops and virtual sessions.

The same method of insight-based learning is used in professional coach training and in the coaching process itself. Coaching is about knowledge/awareness, practice/application and review. This is why the ALG structure lends itself so well to this programme.

BAC HI ALG members bring their real work issues to the table and the rest of the group acts as a team, coaching them to reflect, learn and act in order to resolve the issue. While practicing and observing the essential coaching skills and competencies they have learned, group members support each other in thinking things through, creating options, designing actions and reflecting on the impact of those actions.

The life of a BAC HI action learning group begins with the 2 day face-to-face workshop. This continues through a 3 to 4 week period of 'on the job training' and is followed by a second 1 day face-to-face (or 2 hour virtual) session. After a further 3 to 4 weeks of on the-job-training the program ends with a 2 hour teleclass.

Learning Objectives and Outline

Flow of Being a Coach High Impact

2 days F2F training

  • Coaching skills
  • Coaching attitude
  • Practice and coaching
  • Personal action plan
  • 3-5 weeks on-the-job training

1 day F2F training or 2 hour Virtual Action Learning Group

  • Facilitated action learning turning own experiences into learning
  • Practice and Coaching
  • 3-5 weeks on-the-job training

2 hour Virtual Action Learning Group

  • Facilitated action learning
  • Practice and coaching
  • How to do virtual coaching

2 Days Face-to-Face Training

This 2 day workshop lays the groundwork for a 3 part Action Learning Program. It is a hands-on and minds-on introduction to coaching in the workplace. The focus is on how to be a coach and how to do coaching. You will be introduced to the essential skills of coaching and the objective is for you to understand and to start using core, coaching competencies to shift to an advanced level of communication and enhanced leadership (including personal leadership).

Leaders who have coaching skills understand and can tap into intrinsic motivation and empower people to take responsibility for their own performance.

This is a highly interactive, experiential workshop during which you'll discover how easy it is to use coaching to take yourselves, those you lead and your organization to more satisfying results.

It's also a very flexible workshop. We have an agenda of basics we need to cover but beyond that, we are all vibrant human beings and this is a dynamic changing world that we live in so we will also see what emerges from this interaction and we need to be ready to accept and embrace that!

1 Day Follow-up Action Group session (or Virtual session)

The aim of this group coaching day is to reconnect and consolidate the learning from BAC HI Part I, through the same method of reflection and insight-based learning that is used in professional coach training, and through Action Learning Group Coaching.

There is an agenda that needs to be covered, including a review of the basic skills, competencies and coaching model that was introduced in Part I of this program, and some new skills that will be introduced.

The method is to take your on-the-job training experience and convert that into learning. The aim is the enhancement of your coaching skills, and the development of you as coaches.

2 Hours Virtual Action Group session

The aim of this session is to reconnect and consolidate the learning from BAC HI Part II, through the same methods of reflection and insight-based learning that is used in professional coach training, including virtual Action Learning Group coaching.

The new skill being introduced, not only by the material but by the session itself, is virtual coaching.

As throughout the BAC HI program, the focus is the implementation and enhancement of your coaching skills, and the development of you as coaches.



Pre-course assessment: Prepare Individual business case for coaching during workshop

Being a Coach High Impact (2 days, and 2 follow-up days)


Definition of Coaching:

Competency Based Coaching:in this part of workshop we cover key coaching distinctions to create high standard professional coaching within the organization.

  1. What is coaching?
  2. Coaching distinctions (mentoring vs coaching, consulting vs coaching, counseling vs coaching)
  3. Why Coach-Developing in all areas?
  4. Core elements of successful coaching
  5. What is required for successful coaching?
  6. Core coaching competencies

Foundational Coaching Skills:

Key Coaching skills: in this part of the workshop we cover the key coaching skills to integrate them as a new leadership and communicational style.

  1. Coaching styles
  2. Listening
  3. sking questions
  4. Trust building
  5. Developing
  6. Coaching challenging situations

Coaching Model:

Coaching Competencies GROW coaching model and GROW coaching skills and competencies will enable participants to build on Foundational Coaching skills learned in the second session. Taken all together, at a masterful level, they become a way of "being" a Coach versus just "doing" technique of coaching.

  1. GROW coaching model
  2. Supportive behaviors in coaching conversations
  3. Coaching Skills for GROW

Participants are asked to think about a situation they have experienced as line managers, sales managers or employees, and to prepare it as a case study for coaching as pre work. It is important that the individual has experienced the situation him/herself; otherwise the feedback from other participants has no redress.

Participants prepare the case from the point of view of the manager/coach, but also take into account the team member's situation.

Coaching Application:

Coaching playground:in this part of the workshop apply learning into practice. Coaching is best learned by doing. We will cover:

Turning learning into action

Participants are asked to think of 5 to 10 actions or steps that they are prepared to commit to as a result of participating in the course. They are asked to share their commitment with the group and will be assigned a mentor coach with whom to work over the next 2 months.

After work

Action Learning Follow-Up day 1 and virtual sessions

Coaching on the real business life cases for the purpose of integration and application of coaching skills in the real business life.

Learning Methods

Theoretical presentation supported by discussions will be utilized to ingrain learning and build the confidence of the participants.

Next Steps

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