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From operational manager to developed and competent leader.


Leading and Collaborating remotely is a facilitated three-month learning journey and in this fast paced digital and virtual program you will gain the tools to work, collaborate and lead remotely. You will learn the techniques to support how you manage and collaborate with your virtual teams.

The program is a blended learning solution combining facilitated digital learning and virtual group sessions. The digital workouts activate your reflections, provide you with tools and insights and set you up for the on-the-job actions. The virtual sessions will encourage peer learning and focus on coaching by the TNM program facilitator.

Learning outcomes

In this program you will obtain skills and techniques which support the following areas of leading and collaborating remotely:

  • Mindsets of remote work
  • Building a strong team spirit in a geographically separated teams
  • Establishing a compelling vision to align and engage each team member
  • Applying rigor in planning organization and setting priorities
  • Managing people performance and establishing clear work contracts
  • Developing a supportive peer network
  • Developing awareness of the need to provide leadership at an elevated level with distributed teams
  • Learning what works well and tailor best practices to different situations
  • Engaging teams to focus on lifting teamwork and collaboration
  • Building a habit of deliberate practice and reflection in order to continue to improving over time

Learning format

Blended Learning with Virtual sessions and Digital Learning workouts. Digital Learning is hosted on the Adeption platform. The digital learning experience offers learning content that is interactive and thought-provoking. As you move through each workout, you will be able to share ideas and insights with your peers, save resources to your Journal to reflect on throughout your journey, and get coaching and support from your facilitator and colleagues.

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