Being An Effective Manager

The Essentials of Management and Team Development

The step from accepting a management position to becoming a successful leader takes more than just acquiring new management skills and competencies. It calls for a fundamental adjustment in mindset. Being an Effective Leader is a facilitated learning experience that empowers first-level managers to make the necessary transition in terms of work values, time application and skills, to be an effective leader. This three-day program explores both core management and key leadership skills, as well as the mindset of an effective first-line manager. Being an Effective Leader is based on high impact learning principles that integrate participants' real-life situations into the learning experience, making it immediately relevant and meaningful.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a common understanding of what a leader of others does; what shift in work values a leader of others needs to make; how a leader of others prioritizes their time; and what skills a leader of others need to master
  • Learn and develop the essential concepts and skills of a leader of others including:
  • Value-based leadership: Integrating and driving the core values
  • Delegation as a work value: Getting results through others is what a leader of others does and delegating is how they do it
  • Performance dialogues: How to prepare for and conduct feedback, coaching, performance appraisals and challenging conversations
  • Empowering Teams: Collaboration, Motivation and Engagement
  • Spotting and promoting potential

Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating leaders of others will be ready to:

  • Take leadership responsibility and develop individuals and teams through delegation and structured follow up
  • Align, drive, and develop performance through feedback and coaching.
  • Engage in frequent and effective dialogues and show up as manager
  • Choose the most effective leadership style based on the competence and motivation level of their direct reports
  • Create and maintain a highly engaging work place
  • Develop teams through collaboration and communication
  • Lead in new and more powerful ways that inspire creativity and better results

Indicative Program Content

  • What is management and what is leadership?
  • Characteristics of an effective leader
  • Universal challenges of being a leader
  • How to delegate effectively
  • How to motivate others
  • How to lead change and transition
  • Introduction to effective objective setting
  • How to conduct performance conversations
  • How to give effective feedback
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to manage conflict and challenging conversations
  • How to coach others effectively
  • How to develop engagement and accountability
  • How to lead with power and purpose

Learning Outline

As already outlined above, in our experience leadership foundation programmes such as Being an Effective Leader work best as blended learning solutions, and are comprised of preparation work, three-days face to face training on consecutive days, integration and follow up work.

Step 1


Preparation assignments

Step 2

Three days delivered  - Face-to-Face or Virtual Format

Personal development planning

Buddy coaching setup

Step 3


Face-to-Face follow-up workshop

Virtual follow-up session

Teaching format

This program includes a mix of lecture, discussion, and coaching scenarios for practice, learning exercises and coaching demonstrations by the lead coach. Participants will leave with a toolbox of techniques to immediately begin applying the skills and making positive changes within their organizations. The learning methods employed include insight learning based on short theoretical presentations, video showcases, interactive workshops, break-out exercises, as well as personal and group reflections. Individual and group learning is accelerated by sharp and concrete feedback from the facilitator. The methodology develops self-awareness, allows moments for practicing new skills, and increases self-confidence of the participants.

Next Steps

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