Communication, Collaboration And Coaching For Leaders

Critical Skills for Leading in Networks and Tribes

Communication + Collaboration + Coaching

Sign up for this facilitated learning experience and gain the tools and skills that will enable you to lead, and to communicate and collaborate with others in your eco-system.

Make things happen and be effective in a world of complexity and constant change.

Learn how to

  • Collaborate without a team
  • Lead without authority
  • Have more influence
  • Communicate with courage
  • Coach with confidence
  • Get the job done in a matrix

As a result of participating you can expect to…

  • Use effective communication techniques to get your message across
  • Communicate high level messages to teams and networks with confidence and clarity
  • Understand the impact of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Confidently manage resistance and overcome objections
  • Be authentic when communicating under pressure
  • Be confident dealing with challenging conversations
  • Perceive situations from many points of view and choose the best way forward
  • Distinguish between influence and manipulation
  • Recognise the benefits and value of Emotional Intelligence at work
  • Use basic human psychology models like TA and simple tools like PAC to build stronger relationships and conduct better conversations
  • Understand the Basic Human OS and know how to use it to everyone's advantage
  • Know how to use the AID model to give and receive meaningful feedback
  • Understand coaching as a communication skill and performance dialogue
  • Know the purpose of a coach and how it applies to your role
  • Be familiar with the basic skills and toolkit of coaching
  • Know how to use the GROW model to navigate different kinds of performance dialogues including coaching
  • Be more practiced as a coach

Next Steps

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