Espresso Coach

Virtual Training for advanced communication and leadership skills

Espresso Coach is a new management and leadership program that teaches coaching as an advanced communication and leadership skill to people in the sales environment. The program is based on coaching theory that focuses on the GROW coaching model and uses role-plays with real cases that are specific and relevant to the sales organization.

The key focus is in helping leaders to provide effective virtual coaching in challenging leadership situations (e.g. leadership talent development, high performance coaching, performance management) to ensure higher productivity and long-term efficiency.

The Program Outline

Virtual Learning

Virtual session 1 (90 min)  Online Learning Videos, Blogs, Podcasts
Virtual Learning

Virtual session 2 (90 min) 

Online Learning Videos, Blogs, Podcasts
Virtual Learning

Virtual session 3 (90 min) 

Online Learning Videos, Blogs, Podcasts
Virtual Learning

Virtual session 4 (90 min) 

Online Learning Videos, Blogs, Podcasts
Virtual Learning Virtual coaching sessions

(1x45 min Individual coaching sessions)

Fieldwork assignments


Target Audience

  • Suitable for all leaders who would like to improve his/her virtual coaching skills.
  • Program is tailored to leaders who are leading a virtual team.
  • Senior/experienced managers with or without line management responsibility.

Learning Objectives

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Define virtual coaching as a leadership style. Differentiate coaching from directing and delegating.
  2. Examine the mind set required to successfully coach a person virtually. Identify personal beliefs that could hinder the process.
  3. Understand distinction between coaching and mentoring.
  4. Get the tools and technic on how to coach leadership talent.
  5. Build a positive and supportive climate using the coaching skills. Help employees accept, adjust to, and claim ownership for performance and business improvement.
  6. Determine the difference between encouraging coaching skills and building a coaching culture.
  7. Define ways to integrate virtual coaching into the workplace.

Key Benefits:

As a result of participating on this course you will be able to:

  • create vibrant working environment.
  • inspire people to begin to find their own answers to every day work challenges.
  • create more time and space for yourself for the strategic part of your job.
  • create open environment where people feel welcome to share ideas and suggestions.
  • experience working more effectively with your peers and customers.
  • appreciate and see people more and support them to become more resourceful and productive.
  • have relaxed way to handle conflict resolution and deal with difficult team members.
  • have skills to facilitate teams in brainstorming and team development sessions.

Next Steps

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