Integrative Team Coaching

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." African Proverb

The world is run by teams yet often they are teams in name only. They are actually just groups of people performing tasks and this isn't enough for the job they have at hand. Today's teams must be high performing, and for that they need to have a clear purpose guided by their stakeholders' needs and delivered through interdependent collaboration.

Coaching teams towards this much needed high performance is key and based on research done by top scholars and decades of our international business experience, it's become clear that intervening at team level can produce more sustainable outcomes. Integrative Team Coaching is the integration of several team coaching models and their application in thousands of teams. It unlocks a group’s potential and enhances collective intelligence by focusing on the team members' ability to learn and adapt systemically to their environment and to each other.

It's been designed by team coaches who coach world-class leaders and teams, including the world's most valuable e-commerce company and the largest social network.

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Who this program is for

Through this course team coaches, leaders and members learn to work together to move beyond their daily struggles and get into action for better outcomes through advanced levels of coaching, moving teams to communicate and collaborate in sustainable ways, beyond team-building events.

Why is TNM's Integrative Team Coaching program right for your organisation?

Our team has over 20 years of experience training and developing 1000’s of leaders at Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Nokia, Maersk, UPM, Nestle, and Basware.

What Will You Learn?

You will be introduced to the main team coaching models and their practical integration for applying into your daily business. This integration combines findings from research done with thousands of high, as well as with not so high, performing teams in all sorts of industries in the last few decades.

How Do We Do This?

Through interactive activities that explore an integrative coaching process based on the main team coaching models, you'll experience how they could successfully complement each other. The objective is to equip team coaches, as well as team leaders and team members, with an integrative and agile understanding and simulated practice of the nature of team coaching processes and models.

Virtual, Face to Face or Customised

This coaching approach takes a team leader and team through a 8 session process of team dynamic development tied to a real meaningful business goal.

8 x 90 min virtual group session

Recommended: 3 individual 60-minute coaching sessions

Key Features

  • Social learning and peer support
  • Coach facilitation throughout
  • Real life business cases
  • Curated collection of digital resources for your information and inspiration
  • Individual coaching
  • Action planning for immediate application and fast impact


Variation on the above according to individual or organisational needs.

Modules can also be chosen as stand-alone modules. We are here to discuss your needs.

Our leadership journey themes

Session 1

  • Types of Teams
  • Team Norms

Session 2

  • Dysfunctions of Teams
  • Psychological Safety

Session 3

  • Systematic Team Coaching
  • Leader as Team Coach

Session 4

  • Team of Teams
  • Cynefin

Session 5

  • Learning to Team
  • Teaming to Learn

Session 6

  • Team Assessments
  • Measurements

Session 7

  • Lean Agile
  • Kanban

Session 8

  • Intervision
  • Checking Out

The next steps

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