Leadership 101

Lead with power, integrity and engagement

Essential skills for leadership success

Having a great vision and excellent technical skills is important. But, for leaders to grow into their power, they need a solid foundation and the right state of mind.

Leadership 101 is a facilitated virtual learning program that teaches current and future leaders the leadership basics they need to be effective every day.

They’ll leave equipped with the skills and personal qualities they need to confidently lead and engage their people in a fast-paced, ever evolving business landscape.

This foundation-level leadership program has been created using high impact learning principles and is suitable for leaders of all levels.

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Who this program is for

Getting the basics right, particularly at the start of a leadership career can mean the difference between a team who is happy and successful, and one which struggles with low productivity, morale and high turnover.

And while roles and responsibilities may change as leaders progress in their career, the fundamental principles and practices of leadership remain the same.

Whether your talent is new to leadership, or they’ve been doing it for years, Leadership 101 is designed to educate and empower them to be effective, nurturing and inspiring leaders for years to come.

What to expect on this program

  • Over four phases of digital learning, participants explore what it takes to be a leader in today’s businesses. They’ll learn:
  • how leadership begins with leading yourself.
  • the basic principles and skills for being an effective leader.
  • how to leverage their strengths and address their weaknesses as a leader.
  • how to attract and retain high performing individuals and teams.
  • how to create a climate of trust and engagement in a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Your leaders will understand what it would mean for them to be the best leader they can be and what that takes to get there. And most of all, they’ll be motivated to take action.

Learning outcomes

  • At the end of the course, participants will:
  • understand the fundamental principles and practices of being a leader of individuals and teams.
  • understand the importance of demonstrating emotional intelligence at work including self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy and social skills.
  • be competent and confident conducting performance dialogues (including feedback) coaching individuals in their team and having challenging conversations.
  • have the self-reflection and self-coaching tools they need to continue their evolution as a leader.
  • understand how to motivate and engage others by adapting to their needs.
  • understand the importance of role modelling adult-to-adult communication.
  • make the transition to a leadership state of mind.

How participants learn

This is a four-month process of self-organised learning using our digital platform to learn the theory of leadership, interspersed with a series of four live coach- facilitated virtual sessions where participants can reflect, share experiences, dive deeper into topics and practice using new skills and models with their peers.

Participants will benefit from

  • Interactive content on an easy-to-use digital platform
  • An initial self-assessment to identify their personal learning goals
  • Social learning and peer support from other participants
  • Personal coach facilitation throughout
  • A curated collection of informative and inspiring digital resources
  • An action plan so they can immediately apply their skills and insights for fast impact

Next Steps

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