Mirror Leadership Program

Inspire your growth, energy and capacity to lead

Mirror is an inspirational leadership program designed to empower people to become effective leaders in the new world economy.

Mirror is created to give life to leadership capabilities and competencies in order to equip leaders with the skills to activate extraordinary results through self-leadership

Why Mirror?

when You Know Who You Are And What You Stand For, You Put Your Potential To Work In Ways That Dramatically Affects Your Own Performance And The Potential As Leader.

~Lao Tzu

What Will I Learn During This Program?

Become and develop self. Be the best version of you. Lead by example.

The program is based on the cutting-edge leadership practices that are foundational to modern leadership for the new epoch.

Module 1 Intentional Leader:

Focuses on building self awareness and self leadership in your role as leader.

Module 2 Inspirational Leader:

Focuses on building team awareness and accountability in your role in the team.

More of an experience than a course, participants who engage in the program will be able to:

  • Gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their unique leadership style
  • Become mindful leaders to create powerful leadership presence
  • Become Emotionally intelligent leader through self reflection and self awareness
  • Become comfortable to lead in ambiguity
  • Leap from command and control to communicate and collaborate
  • Be able to unlock power and potential in themselves and people they lead
  • Create sustainable future with Intelligent risk taking and innovation
  • Integrate leadership mindset in their daily life as a leader

As result of participation participates will be ready to:

  • Engage with leadership as an organic process that inspire creativity and results
  • Engage themselves and others to catalyze optimum performance
  • Open a global business environment that invites sharing, innovation and drives entrepreneurial instincts
  • Realize the full potential of leadership
  • Activate the leadership necessary for the organization to be successful in today's economy

How Does The Program Work?

Mirror's multi-experiential learning provides participants with a wide range of learning opportunities.

Combination of inspiration, reflection and creation delivered through dialogue, shared experiences, teaching games, coaching and facilitation helps participants take an in-depth look at their self leadership to create meaningful and memorable learning.

During the program participants acquire the qualities needed for leadership success, such as influencing, engagement, motivation, collaboration, inclusion, social and emotional intelligence.

With the help of 360-degree and TMP feedback tools, participants return to their organizations with the ability to communicate effectively and maximize both individual and team performance.

Who Is This Course For?

This program is beneficial to all people who seek to reinforce their leadership potential with a strong foundation of skills and self-awareness.

Next Steps

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