Powerful Presentations

Look, act and sound like the leader you are, achieving instant likeability and credibility.

At the forefront of any organization, the communication skills of executives are crucial to the success of their company. Individuals must be able to present, influence and connect with others in a powerful and persuasive manner. Executives often need more than general training. They need focused coaching on how to structure and deliver messages important to the future of their company. Powerful Presentations provides you with that.

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What Will I Learn During This Course?

  • Look, act and sound like the leader you are, achieving instant likeability and credibility – while remaining calm at all times so you will never be anxious to present to any audience.
  • Use your charisma and presence to focus on impact – never on perfection.
  • Find an authentic, credible and compelling personal style.
  • Become more audience-focused, message-driven and action-oriented.
  • Discovering your current communication style and how others may perceive your behaviors.
  • Experience the impact of trainer input through “feedforward” to identify weak spots and eliminating behaviors that hold you back.
  • Make positive first impressions and using rapport techniques to set the tone for successful relationships.
  • Understanding perception and discovering the powerful influence of non-verbal communication using dynamic and persuasive presenting techniques to build rapport and communicate “instant credibility” while developing an informal, fluent and relaxed, fun style.
  • Giving yourself an added advantage by leveraging your personal competence and likeability.
  • Becoming more aware of the non-verbal signals others are sending in order to adapt your style and message, and move to partnership mode.
  • Maximizing your personal power to influence decisions/agendas by managing your own state, and guiding the audience’s state as well.
  • Managing Q&A with confidence and elegance while managing the energy in the room.

How Will I Learn This?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful approach. Many people have begun to use NLP for communication, change, and outstanding performance. NLP has been widely applied, with often astonishing results, in many diverse fields, one of which is presentation skills.

One of the most profound ideas of NLP is that, if one person can do something, and if they are doing it at an excellent level -- it should be possible to find out what they’re doing and replicate it. So, NLP is in theory a “modeling” approach for identifying and replicating the unconscious skills of excellent performers then teaching them to others and even learning them yourself.

NLP thus fits well with presentation skills. While this is not a course on NLP, the principles and ideas of NLP are woven into the course material to support and augment your learning. The course is a mixture of classroom learning and practical work. Throughout the training you'll get personal feedforward and coaching to augment and anchor your learning. An extra benefit is the fact that your performance and learning is captured for you on computer to be reviewed after the course – and never viewed by the group during the course.

Who Is This Course For?

This is a course for anyone who needs to make presentations, speak in public or even meet the press. It is also applicable for teachers and trainers – regardless of skill level or ability – no matter what size group.

So What If I Attend Powerful Presentations?

Sit back for a moment and imagine you are giving one of your most important presentations ever. And when you interact with the audience you know they are totally with you. Not only that, you are in control of your state. You feel authentic, credible and compelling. Additionally, your presentation is informative and entertaining for the audience. At the end of your presentation, people come to see you to tell you it’s the best session they have ever been at.

Next Steps

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