Vibrant Leader

For profound leadership. Let us help you maximize your people potential.

Have you ever had the sense that there is much more to you, and to life, than you presently know and experience? Are you ready to know the truly amazing person that you really are? Well, this is only the beginning of the Vibrant Leader Programme!

We would love to partner you on a voyage to realising your most profound potential. On the way, you will:

  • Know true fulfillment and personal connection.
  • Discover that you are more than you ever imagined that you could be.
  • Connect to your dazzling personal leadership power.
  • Transform your relationship with others.
  • Access your unique passions, gifts and visions in life.
  • Find that even the grandest of visions can be great fun and easy to materialise.
  • Become a true thought-leader and visionary.

When you connect to this power, you step into your full leadership potential and become the creator of visionary change in your immediate environment and in the world.

Why is TNM's Vibrant Leader program right for your organisation?

Our team has over 20 years of experience training and developing 1000’s of leaders at Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Nokia, Maersk, UPM, Nestle, and Basware.

Key Competencies And Skills Addressed And Learned In This Program

Vibrant Leader

This is a unique adventure leading you to the most vibrant expression of who you really are. During the first 4 days participants will work to:

  • Awaken their personal leadership energy.
  • Release old patterns and images of them that inhibit their magnificence.
  • Attain the deep and profound connection to themselves and all of Life.
  • Learn the tools to accessing innate knowing, wisdom and intuition.
  • Integrate this into their life for immediate results in all areas.
  • Discover the vibrant, charismatic, “leaderful” them.

Conscious Creation

During the next 4 days participants will learn to work energetically for what they want to happen through them in every moment. This will be so true to their own passions that life will never be the same again as a result.

Participants will discover how to:

  • Access their missions and visions and in life and how these can complete and change in a moment.
  • Source reality. Working with what they want to happen for themselves and for all Life.
  • Seed consciousness and work energetically for effortless creation with passion and joy.
  • Speak and act for consciousness.

Living as a Vibrant Leader

In the next 3 days participants will learn a new skill-set enabling them to work powerfully with energy, consciousness and many of the facets of their own make-up that they will not have seen before. This part of the program will include:

  • Integrative holistic living
  • Breakthrough leading
  • The art of conscious relationships as a new level of communication arises
  • Accessing super-creativity
  • Working in hyper-speed
  • Working on multiple projects simultaneously with a new kind of grace

Conscious Reality Creation

This part of the program is about working energetically to land creations in the world and to close the Vibrant Leader Programme. The 2.5 days includes:

  • Working consciously within established systems for change, creation and evolution.
  • Assistance on individual projects/issues arising over the past months.
  • Optional creation of group projects.
  • Celebration of an amazing time together!

Key Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating in this program participants will:

  • Lead with immeasurable confidence and esteem.
  • Have access to intuition, innate knowing, telepathy, hyper-speed thinking, wisdom and intelligence on the highest levels.
  • Lead with communication and relationship skills beyond anything taught in traditional leadership programs.
  • Be able to speak charismatically for what they want to be communicated in any given moment.
  • Be in complete integrity with themselves and the world around them.
  • Be working with consciousness to create a business reality from their passions with ease and grace.
  • Lead with the fulfillment of acting for all of Life in all that they do.

Participants will step into their most magnificent potential, where they are a reality creator… a global creator. They will be able to live so completely true to themselves and to Life that they will discover that this is where all things come naturally, graciously, profoundly, powerfully and delightfully into being. Participants will begin to live in pure potential, biggest life, where work, home and play are all equally enthralling, exciting and full of fun.

Additional Information

An effective group size for this program is 15 to 20 participants. A training room suitable for 20 people (including trainer) and sufficient extra space for role-plays and exercises. Minimum 2 flipcharts, paper, projector and monitor to show video role-plays. Informal break out space for up to 3 groups.

Next Steps

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