Virtual Coaching

Empower people using virtual coaching.

The Virtual Coach program is aimed at leaders and specialists who want to be highly effective in leading and working within virtual teams.

Empowering performance and realizing the potential of their virtual team not only develops their skills and capability, it also inspires people in the new ways and values of virtual modes of operation, improving attendance levels, maximizing retention of the best people and making the leader's role within the global economy much easier, fulfilling and successful

Key Competencies and Skills Addressed and Learned in this program

  • How to listen and hear a person you can not see (listen/hear)
  • How to use language to communicate a message and illustrate (educate/illustrate)
  • How to keep a coachee engaged in a virtual setting by using inclusive language (include/involve)
  • How to be really present and use language to match, mirror and adapt to the coachee's pace/tone/mood (relate/respond)
  • How to be and sound authentic (voice/tone)
  • How to use context/stories/anecdotes (language/contextualise)
  • How to combine listening and language to deepen a coachee's understanding and self-awareness (evoke/challenge)
  • Using visioning and distinctions to expand potential (stretch/involve)
  • How to identify gaps and blind spots, and create accountability that is empowering to the coachee (structure/support)

Key Learning Outcomes

Dramatically increase your leadership success with virtual coaching and communication skills by attending this dynamic new course! Using the most advanced coaching innovations to develop critical competencies within your virtual team and in interacting with colleagues, you will create the edge that maximizes motivation and delivers the results you need to drive the organization's objectives in virtual environments. The results? A new, empowered way of working with your resources, with measurable results of higher and sustainable productivity.

Additional Information Specific To This Program

An effective group size for this program is 8 to 12 participants. A conference line, online communication platform (e.g. Microsoft Life or Centra), and Second Life Portal are necessary for virtual setup.

Next Steps

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