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Tailored solutions that energise your people, deliver real impact and fit your budget. Nothing boring here.
Tailored L&D programs to nurture leaders and teams as real people.

We consider ourselves leaders in the field of human development and potential. We create tailored solutions that incorporate coaching, coach-led training and the latest learning technologies to go deep into an organisation’s DNA and embed inspired solutions at all levels.

Our tailored team and leadership development solutions:

  • offer inspiring, fun and interesting training programs that go well beyond traditional leadership, management and team-building programs (*yawn*).
  • help leaders see staff as complex, talented people with contributions to make, rather than workers or resources.
  • give leaders the skills, agility and insight to lead people through significant change.
  • put frameworks in place to help you nurture your talent to ensure your business’s success in the future.
  • teach your leaders coaching skills so they can develop their staff and encourage creativity.
  • teach your current and future leaders the communication skills they need to lead diverse, disparate teams with clarity and understanding.
  • connect your leaders with their own hearts minds, and souls to improve self-awareness so they instinctively know what they need to transform.

Learn how it works:

Creating a coaching
and feedback culture.

Two coaching cultures are important: ours and yours
Coaching forms the backbone of our expertise – it’s where we started and has been deeply ingrained in TNM’s cultural DNA for 22 years. We can guide you from a place of experience toward creating a coaching culture of your own that works specifically for your business.

Why create a coaching culture?
You may not have heard this before, but coaching is the basis for collaboration.

The basic tools and skills of coaching radically increase knowledge sharing, questioning and listening, which in turn builds rapport and respect – all essential elements of a team who can work together effectively.

Embedding a coaching culture at the core of your organisation is the first step to developing better leaders and better teams who can collaborate with greater flexibility, speed and efficacy.

How can TNM help you create a coaching culture? How long is a piece of string? How you establish a coaching culture really depends on the size of your organisation and your existing culture, so we create a plan with you. The ways TNM has approached this in the past have included:

  • coaching the top 100 executives
  • creating an in-house pool of certified coaches
  • training all frontline leaders in core coaching competencies (including the global rollout of programs for up to 8,000 participants)
  • making ourselves available for coaching at all levels of the organisation so that it becomes normalised, sought out and used on a regular basis

In our experience, we’ve found that using a number of approaches that have been tailored to suit your organisation’s communication style and cultural needs works best.

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Shifting your leadership paradigm.

Is your business operating from a 20th-century paradigm? If so, it’s time for a shake-up.
The old paradigm that focuses purely on process improvement, management, hierarchy, rewards for discipline and longevity, and prioritises routine is losing ground. In a post-Covid world, the new paradigm calls for technical savvy, flexibility, leaderless teams, decentralised functions and bottom-up innovation to fuel success.

Many organizations are a bit of both with top-down, process-based, structured approaches in a rapidly changing environment where collaboration, flexibility and creativity drive success. Unfortunately, retention or staffing challenges, low morale and frustration abound. Productivity is at a fraction of what’s possible. People are not consistently challenged in ways that light them up.

And it’s not sustainable.

Prepare your organisation for what’s next.
TNM operates from the belief that unparalleled potential can be tapped by uncovering and focusing individuals on their core values and passions. This drives extraordinary levels of commitment, productivity and positive results.

We help you identify your strengths and challenges and uncover what’s next for your organisation. We partner with you to understand what’s required for the new business paradigm and make the shift by incorporating new ways of being and working, with coaching at your core.

As a result, you’ll be able to make the transition as an intensely collaborative, communicative, innovative, fast, focused and flexible organisation.

Learn more about Transformational Development

Evolving your business.

Are you after programs that just tinker with where your organisation is today? We didn’t think so!

You want the ability to change the DNA of your organisation to be more flexible and responsive.

You want to go from “old school” to “next generation”, from command and control to mutual collaboration, and from apathy to initiative.

You want to invest in your organisation for real transformation and impact.

It’s time to design a way forward by evolving your DNA.
The new economy needs organisations that can continually evolve for their own sustainability

We use our expertise in coaching, coach-led training and learning technologies to co-create programs that alter automatic and routine behaviours and mindsets and offer solutions to business-critical issues with immediate and long-lasting effects. This approach goes beyond training and leads to a self-sustaining organisational evolution.

As your partners in organisational evolution and transformation, we offer a range of complementary solutions including:

  • the design and rollout of programs to the global frontline;
  • supporting top executives with individual coaching and mediated follow-up for long term results;
  • integrating coaching into existing leadership and communication initiatives;
  • creating a crowd-sourcing culture; or
  • shifting to a decentralised attitude and environment.


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