About TNM Coaching

A training organisation with a heart of coaching gold.

Connecting mind, body, soul and spirit for true transformation

The New Millennium (TNM) Coaching is a ground-breaking global coaching and training company.

Established in 1999, we have grown into a global network of expert coaches, facilitators and teachers who are committed to creating change in the world, furthering the evolution of humanity by elevating spirits, opening minds and releasing potential in organisations, individuals and the coaching community.

We take our Evolutionary Approach to coaching, a sense of joy, and the ethos on which coaching is founded – helping people to find answers within themselves – and apply them to the design of every program we offer: from leadership and team training, workplace coaching, self-development classes, and events to coaching education.

Our team work with the belief that we are all more than people with small problems to solve – we are mega humans with the capacity to contribute to a better humankind.


To enable the evolution of humankind and the creation of a better world by empowering businesses and individuals to use the magic within to live and grow in the best way possible.


  • Fun - powered by joyful beings
  • Breakthrough - thinking, leading, living
  • Collaboration - through intimate partnerships for outstanding results
  • Evolution - beyond change to transformation
  • Consciousness - an awareness of energy, planet and potential

How we’re achieving our mission – and yours

Our three distinct offerings allow us to fulfill our mission by reaching and evolving people to meet their goals at every stage of their life and career.

TNM Business

When the nature of leadership changes, so must the focus of leadership development.

We work collaboratively with our clients to design and deliver meaningful and transformational programs for leaders and teams powered by creative, interactive and fun learning experiences.
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TNM Life

A space for people to find their true purpose and passion and discover the possibilities for contributing to the world around them.

Our life coaching, classes and events
provide clients with practical solutions to real-life challenges and teaches them vital skills for living an extraordinary life.
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TNM Academy

We develop and deliver ICF-accredited coaching training programs and mentoring to support coaches at every level - from beginner to master.

Our curriculum enables coaches to take their clients beyond their immediate challenges to a place where they can make incredible changes in the world.
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A diverse team
of experienced,
open-hearted and
unique individuals

We’re a mixed but happy bunch. The unique perspectives and diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds of each of our facilitators, coaches, trainers and business staff are what make TNM Coaching such a special organisation to work for, and with.

Our team put their full selves into their work and share their successes and failures openly so that you benefit from the knowledge they’ve gained and the level of honesty and authenticity that successful transformation relies on.

Meet our communities: