A Life Well Loved

An eight-week online transformation course that helps you create the life you really want.

It’s time to discover how to wake up happy

The key to living a life that you love is to know what YOU want, understand what YOU truly care about and focus fearlessly on these every day. 

A Life Well Loved shows you how to live your best life through an eight-week facilitated process of self-discovery and self-coaching. You’ll learn the skills that enable you to identify what’s truly important and be empowered to focus on the things that nurture you.

A Life Well Loved was created by Vivienne Ladommatou and Shaun Young, co-founders of Hall and Grace, and is based on their new book Loved: How to coach yourself to well being through self love*. 

Shaun and Vivienne know that you often need more than a book to make genuine, lasting changes - it takes support, action and practice.  That’s why they’ve distilled the essence of Loved and combined it with decades of experience in counselling, mental health support and professional coaching, into a simple, effective course that touches every area of your life.

Who this program is for

Do you imagine yourself living a different life?

The vision might be a little fuzzy, but it might start with waking up with smile on your face, doing work that fulfills you, engaging in hobbies that get those creative juices flowing or physical energy pumping, travelling to far flung places, and spending quality time with loving people who nourish your soul.

This life is one where you love yourself, practice habits that serve you and live with the confidence that you are good enough - whatever happens.

It’s not wishful thinking.

You just need some clarity and a roadmap to focus every area of your life - mental, spiritual, physical, emotional - on creating a life you truly love.

If any of this resonates, this program could be for you.  The only prerequisite is a desire to learn and the ability to be open and honest with yourself.

What to expect during this program

Facilitated by Vivienne and Shaun, your learning journey is underpinned by three basic principles:

  • A life well lived is a life well loved. And a life well-loved is a life well lived.
  • Your life is the result of who you are and what you do.
  • You happen to life, and you also make life happen.

The program features 8 weekly sessions, approximately 20 minutes long, each of which focuses on a specific area of your life. Together they form an integral, holistic roadmap to a life that you love!

We look at how to have a better understanding of, and create a more respectful and interdependent relationship, with your body.

We focus on understanding and practicing how to shift your perspective and learn how to change your mind at will.

You’ll work from the heart to raise your self-awareness and learn how to manage your emotions.

We’ll explore how to tap into and listen to what your intuition is telling you.

You’ll discover how to build and maintain loving relationships and heal or completely avoid unhealthy ones.

We look at how to find what it is you want and what really matters and make it easy to choose where you give them your focus and attention.

In this session we focus on how to build habits and behaviours that enable the life of your dreams and how to let go of those that don’t.

You’ll discover how to use magical thinking and create a personal manifesto for a life that’s well loved by you!

Learning outcomes

Improved wellbeing and self-awareness
You’ll learn how to improve your wellbeing by seeing yourself as a whole and paying attention to how you relate to yourself on every level. This is what creates a sustainable sense of peace and wellbeing.

A personal manifesto for your life
You’ll discover what’s missing in your life and create a personal manifesto to guide your thoughts and get your priorities straight for life well loved.

New habits that serve the life you want
You’ll see how to break bad habits and behaviours like comparing yourself to others and allowing self-critical thoughts and replace them with ones that enable the life of your dreams.

Self-coaching tools for lifelong success
Self-coaching is the most important tool in creating the life you love and making it last. You’ll have plenty of practice during the course so that it becomes something you do naturally every day.

More positive, loving relationships
You’ll be able to confidently nurture and hold loving relationships and heal, or completely avoid, the toxic relationships that are standing in the way of the life you want.

How you’ll learn

This is an online course - but you’re certainly not on your own.

Vivienne and Shaun will guide you the whole way, so you benefit from their decades of professional coaching experience. You’ll get to meet them on 2 live calls which include valuable Q&A time. They are as keen to see your progress as you are!

All course participants start on the same date - 27 June, 2022 - to provide you with the support of like minded people facing similar challenges.  In this course environment, no concern, question, or life goals are too trivial or silly.

Teaching materials

The course begins on 27 June, 2022.  When you sign up, you’ll receive a 10-minute Welcome & Orientation video that outlines the course roadmap and introduces you to the concept of self-coaching.

Each week, a new session will be unlocked for you to complete. Once all sessions have been unlocked, you’ll have unlimited access to the recordings and videos so you can revise the course whenever you like.

You’ll be guided through the course with:

  • 8 x 20-minute-long videos, one for each session
  • 8 x 20-minute-long audio recordings, one for each session
  • A 50-page PDF workbook

There are two interactive Zoom calls during the course. These calls include group coaching and time for Q&A.

  • Live call 1: 16 July, 2022 TBC
  • Live call 2: 6 August, 2022 TBC

Bonus Materials

Bonus 1: Loved: How to coach yourself to well being through self love

You’ll be given a free copy of the recently published book that inspired this course. We’ll refer to the book throughout our sessions, but you’re welcome to read it in full whenever you like.

You may or may not have read self-development books before and they may or may not have worked. This book is different because it focusses on self-love as opposed to self-esteem. And it’s an important distinction because self-love is a much more natural and enduring source of personal power and sovereignty.

Loved. provides you with the same framework and coaching questions that we use with our clients to enable you to reflect on what is required for you to be well and do well, to identify the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in terms of your physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual well-being and critically, to do something about it.

The intention of this book is not to advise or tell you what to do, but to provide you with what you need to work it out for yourself. Once we understand that relationship and interaction between heart, mind, body and soul, we can, with practice, develop insight and mastery over our experience and our lives.

Bonus 2: Relationsh*!ts masterclass 

You’ll be given unlimited access to the recording of Vivienne and Shaun’s Relationsh*!s Masterclass – a 45-minute session that lays out four simple and effective ways to handle your most difficult and frustrating relationships.

Bonus 3: Self-development Zoom recordings from Vivienne & Shaun
You can extend your learning about self-development, relationships and coaching with three pre-recorded Zoom sessions:

  • Discovering The Enneagram - how to use the mother of all personality assessments to help heal yourself and your relationships
  • The Johari Window - a new perspective on a classic self development tool

Being a Coach - you already know how to be a coach,  you just don’t know it yet!

Your teacher(s)

Shaun Young
Shaun Young is a qualified Integral Coach with 25 years of experience as a specialist in behavioral change. He has coached and mentored thousands of individuals, leaders, and teams through turbulent times. He has also authored and co-authored many successful personal-development, leadership, and coaching programs. All of his work is psychologically informed and is designed to tap into peoples’ personal strengths and wisdom and to grow emotional intelligence, resilience and agility.
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Vivienne Ladommatou
Vivienne Ladommatou brings three decades of experience as a leader and mentor to coaching. She has coached thousands of high achievers in some of the world's leading corporations and organizations. Vivienne began her career as an award winning broadcast journalist and documentary maker and worked her way up the ranks to executive board member. An ICF credentialed graduate coach, Vivienne works with people and organizations to make the world a better, kinder and happier place.
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