Core Stability for Life

An 8-week online transformation course that helps you maintain balance in times of turbulence

Become unshakable in the face of life’s challenges

When faced with life’s challenges, we can lose sight of our true purpose and begin living in a reactive state. We make knee-jerk decisions - like choosing our career based on finances, we spend hours working on relationships that don’t serve us, and we don’t pursue new opportunities because of our insecurities. In this state, we are no longer guided by our internal compass and cannot create the life we deserve. 

Core Stability provides us with a strong internal compass so that life’s challenges don’t deter us from pursuing our true purpose and potential.

In this eight-week online course, we strengthen your emotional stability, changing your thoughts and behaviours and creating a daily life that allows you to live in a flow of abundance, ease and love.

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Who this program is for

Do you want to live a life of ease, rather than struggle?
Are you living in a state of constant reactivity?
Do you want the ability to make better decisions for yourself?
Have you allowed life’s challenges to steer you away from what’s important?

If any of this resonates, this program could be for you.  The only prerequisite is a desire to learn and the ability to be open and honest with yourself.

You’ll benefit from

  • Wisdom
    The teachings in this course come from years of experience and will help you understand and transform all areas of your life from your deepest needs and beliefs to your relationships, finances, health and spirituality.
  • Support
    Transformative journeys are never easy when embarked upon alone. On this course, you’ll be supported every step of the way through group coaching sessions, private chat groups and a community of fellow learners.
  • Actions
    This course will challenge you to embed everything you have learned. You’ll be invited to implement the teachings each week through meditations and practical exercises so you can see an immediate impact on your life.

What to expect during this program

Here is what awaits you each week of this online transformative course:

Explore and release anything that does not serve your purpose

Without judgement, evaluate your top needs and how they can be met.

Become aware of your true values and learn how you can live in alignment with them.

Uncover, work through and release unresolved issues in your life.

Discover how to ensure all aspects of your life receive the attention they deserve.

Nurture your physical body so that it can support you in achieving your true potential.

Examine your relationship with money and how you can use it as a tool to serve your life instead of the other way around.

Invite more grace and ease into your life with mindful new habits.

Learning outcomes

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Gain A empowered perspective on life
  • Heightened self-awareness
  • Create a balanced life
  • Foster better relationships.
  • Achieve life and business goals with ease
  • Find try happiness and joy in life
  • Discover clarity of purpose.
  • Become more self-reliant.
  • Gain life satisfaction.

How you’ll learn

We understand that transforming your life takes more than reading a lesson online. During this course, you’ll learn in an encouraging environment that provides you with:

8-Step Core Stability Teaching Materials

You’ll receive a suite of videos that guide you on how to strengthen your core - values, emotions, health, relationships, finance and soul - to bring abundance, joy, authenticity and greater stability to your life.

The Core Stability program is delivered online over eight weeks with a new lesson released each week. After you’ve completed the course you’ll have lifetime access to all the materials.

These video lessons are accompanied by:

  • Companion Workbook: Each chapter of this practical workbook is devoted to a specific step in the Core Stability program and contains prompts for reflection and space for recording notes, goals and next actions so you can return and revise as you go through the course and beyond.
  • Audio Downloads: Download audio files of all teachings to your device so you can learn where and when you want to!

Meditation Bundle:
Internalize the teachings and tap into your inner wisdom with three powerful-guided Quantum Meditations:

  • Meditation 1: Connection
  • Meditation 2: Expansion
  • Meditation 3: Creation

Bonus Teaching 1: You Can Change your Life NOW

Bonus Teaching 2: Set Boundaries to Power your Core Stability for Life

Bonus Teaching 3: The Power of Your Intuition

Bonus Teaching 4: Follow your True Heart Desire

Your teacher(s)

Zoran Todorovic
As Master Certified Coach and Facilitator at TNM Coaching, Zoran Todorovic has over 20 years of experience as a Life and Executive Coach, offering Leadership Training and Development for a variety of industries across the world, including Technology, Finance, Manufacturing, Fashion the Service Industries. In a career spanning decades, his roles have also included Team Coach, Communications Mentor Coach and Trainer, Media Relations, Sales and Marketing. Along with teaching Classes internationally and presenting at Conferences around the world, excerpts from his eBooks and blogs, Feeling of Success, Profitable Coach, Corporate Coaching Foundation, Coaching for Success have appeared I, to name but a few, Fortune Magazine, Investors’ Business Daily, Harvard Communications Newsletter, The Carrier Path and The Shortcut. Consistently adding value to the process, Zoran coaches’ people and companies to maximize and create a powerful presence, enhance their energetic influence and align themselves with the laws of attraction.
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