Moving from Survival to Significance

Every day we go through life as machines or as a flag that follows the wind and end up wondering if there is more to life. Was I meant to function this way? How do I move from survival to significance? Is there more to this life? How can I impact myself and impact others?

The program seeks to develop leaders who wish to intentionally work to create outstanding personal and/or professional lives by identifying barriers that hinder their success or legacy.  Once we take care of the self-enterprise (ourselves) then are we able to have a successful and extraordinary journey in everything we are doing and wish to undertake and thereby create a personal legacy.

The program runs for two months and combines both digital learning and online group sessions. There will be workouts, reflections, and peer support to enable you to create an outstanding goal and go for it. Your LifePrenuer facilitator will be at hand throughout this journey.

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Why should I attend

Go from just surviving to thriving, from being aimless to having a map that not only inspires but leads you to the achievement of your goals.

What will I learn

  • Identify your Big Why
  • Connect with your key values
  • Clarity on your ultimate goal for 2021-22
  • Developing a Map that inspires you to action

A description of each session is shared below:

Session 1: Introduction to LifePreneurship and Core Identity
In this session we will interact with the two terms; LifePreneur and LifePreneurship. Thereafter explore our authentic essence and answer the old-aged question, Who am I?

Session 2: Strengths and Skills
In this session, we will explore strengths and skills and how they show up in our life.

Session 3: MAD Purpose
In this session, we will journey to uncover our purpose mission statement and make a choice between aligning it with our personal or professional life.

Session 4: Barriers
In this session, we will identify barriers that push us away or distract us from our mission.

Session 5: Support System
In this session, we will build a support system to enable us to achieve our mission. We will start by assessing our current support and associated benefits.

Session 6: Call to Action
In this last session, we will work to give breathe to our main goal and identifying what we need to start doing and what we need to stop doing.

Your teacher(s)

Bikundo Onyari
Bikundo Onyari is accomplished in people development and is passionate about teaching high impact Lifepreneurs,how to defy the impossible in their personal and professional lives in order to produce immediate, unprecedented and lasting results. He is a Senior Associate Coach and Trainer with TNM Coaching, lead of LifePrenuer Coaching, a life/business coach, Master NLP coach. He is based in Nairobi, Kenya with over 15 years’ experience in leadership development, consultancy experience, advising, training and coaching for corporate, SMEs and development organizations. He is valued for helping teams think strategically and engage in meaningful conversations that allow for reflection and inquiry that lead to change.
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