The Power of Connection

Holding you steady through the eye of the storm

Humans are innately social creatures, hard-wired to seek out a community. Connection is an exchange of humanity. Your brain sees the lack of the human connection the same as physical pain. It affects you both psychologically and physically.  This workshop will explore the power of connection and how you can stimulate your brain to release the neurotransmitters to feel more happy, motivated, and relaxed. 

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Why should I attend

You will have a clearer understanding of connection, how to deepen it through your mind, body and soul and learn about the brain and the neurotransmitters for happiness, motivation, and relaxation.

What will I learn

Session insights

Through meditations and exercises, you will explore ways to connect your mind, body and soul and get tools to take away.

Your teacher(s)

Susan Lynch
Susan Lynch has been coaching and training for over 15 years. She is a masterful evolutionary coach and inspirational trainer. She helps individuals harness their power. She walks alongside clients, coaching and supporting them to let their true selves reveal.
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