Tips ’n’ Sips with naked bartender

Life-hacking lessons that school never taught you

Each session starts with us making a drink together (list of drink ingredients will be sent out in advance so that you can make sure you have everything ready to make it together on the call). After we make the drink, there will be an opportunity for a few people to receive LIVE Life coaching from the Naked Bartender on a topic of their choosing. Coaching will take place while the other participants listen and reflect on the coaching. After each coaching, we will have a chance to debrief as a group about the topic explored and the takeaways. While not everyone will get the chance to be coached, you may find that there is as much to be learned when you are a witness to coaching as when you are coached yourself. If you'd like to be coached, please bring a topic; if you just want to listen and reflect as someone else is being coached, that's fine too!

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Why should I attend

You'll leave this event having learned a new drink recipe, gained a new perspective on a life-hacking topic, and feeling ready to enter the weekend with a positive mindset!

What will I learn

Session insights

Each week you will learn to make a new drink and be part of a LIVE life coaching.  You’ll connect with new people while exploring how to improve your life. Bring a coaching topic or listen to someone else's: either way you'll leave this evening with a new perspective and a drink in hand!

Your teacher(s)

Daniel Ludevig
Daniel Ludevig is a facilitator, corporate cultural strategist, and professionally-certified coach with a passion for helping people thrive. Through his new endeavor as the Naked Bartender, Daniel seeks to make positive mindset mainstream. Daniel’s work pushes the thinking boundaries of his clients and has them connecting in ways unlike any they have experienced before. Their mindsets and behaviors shift with notable increases in integrity, coherence, and resilience. Through their discoveries, people working with Daniel experience better decision making as well as greater well-being, creativity, presence and impact.
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