Victim to Creator

Shift out of Victim Consciousness and into Creative Consciousness anytime, anywhere, no matter what

Challenging times are always a great opportunity for us to discover more about where on that spectrum we place our centre of gravity… Do we feel overwhelmed, unclear and powerless? Or, do we become a force of clarity, inspiration and power to move forward?

In this crucial moment in history we need more creators than victims. We need visionaries who are able to move through the density of this time uplifting themselves and others, both individually and collectively, both privately and professionally.

Complete with a 100+ page workbook, this program of 12 classes is designed to support you. Whether individually or within a group, to consistently and unconditionally shift from Victim Consciousness to Creative Consciousness and become the wise and effective change agent you have been waiting for.

Each weekly, 120 minute class is live and consists of:

  • an awareness creation
  • practical applications
  • group sharing / coaching
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Why should I attend

  • What it means to be a visionary and how to connect to your vision
  • How to develop a healthy relationship with anger and harness it for your creative purposes
  • The importance of integrity and how it can predict your success
  • How to speak truth to power without activating Ego walls
  • How to become a wise and effective change agent
  • How increase your bandwidth by keeping your consciousness complete
  • How to distinguish between your Ego self and your Higher Self (or Best Self) and how to show up as your Best Self in critical moments in life
  • Practical and simple tools, distinctions and practices to shift from Victim Consciousness to Creative Consciousness anytime, anywhere, no matter what

What will I learn

Episode 1: The Clean Set Up

"If you don't know which port you are sailing to, no wind will be favourable”. In this episode you will understand the power of your vision and 3 simple questions that will connect you to it and to what needs to align for you to manifest that vision.

Episode 2: Anger into Passion

What can we do with our anger when letting it out doesn't work, and suppressing it doesn't work either? Is there a third way? In this episode you will learn how to develop a positive relationship with your anger and harness your fire to fuel your creative purpose.

Episode 3: The Power of the Word

We often use words to share information: at worst to gossip, at best to share our experiences heart to heart. What we are not aware of is that there is a very real creative power in our word. In this episode you will learn how to use your word as a force of creation.

Episode 4: The Power of Integrity

A powerful insight into the law that governs our ability to succeed. In this episode you will learn the simple and practical reason that may have prevented you to achieve what you want, and what you can do about it.

Episode 5: Integrity Recovery Procedures

Having understood the how powerfully, Integrity can act on your subconscious. In this episode you will learn how to recover your Integrity when life gets in the way

Episode 6: The Power to Act

"Feel the fear and do it anyway", is a simple saying that reveals our potential. Yet often we don't know how to harness this potential. In this episode you will learn how you can act in alignment regardless of what may be occurring in your thinking and feeling.

Episode 7: The Ladder of Power

At times we all fall into Victim Consciousness. Counterintuitive as this may sound, this also includes the times when we are using force or violence, not just the times we feel sorry for ourselves. In this episode you will learn how to recognize when and how you are in Victim Consciousness and what immediate positive action you can take to bounce back as a creator. A great session for anyone seeking to express their power in a way that is not harmful to others.

Episode 8: Story vs. Is-ness

If we want to have an impact on reality, we need to be where reality is. In this episode you will learn a powerful distinction enabling you to become a force for clarity and have a real impact on the fabric of reality.

Episode 9: The Art of Completion

Completion is best understood by its opposite: incompletion. Every incompletion we carry takes up space in our consciousness and reduces our bandwidth. In this episode you will learn the 3 tools to complete your incompletions and liberate space and energy to create.

Episode 10: The 3 Traps of the Ego

In crucial moments in our lives, the ability to distinguish between Ego Self and Higher Self (or Best Self) and acting from our Higher Self can alter the course of our individual and collective destiny. In this episode you will learn the 3 most common ways in which the Ego can trip you up.

Episode 11: The Higher Self

In this episode you will learn to connect to your Best Self and how to source choices from wisdom and compassion for the benefit of the interconnectedness of all life, including your own.

Episode 12: Free Flow

There will be no theme for this session. We will tune in and discover what needs to be said.

Your teacher(s)

Simon Blackhall
Simon Blackhall is the founder of ANIMA, a Consciousness Coach, a Transformation Partner and a Speaker. His mission as a coach and teacher is to co-create the expansion and higher for this unfolding world by holding a space of truth and light in which others can come forth. As a Coach he is a member of the ICF, and he is certified in Creative Consciousness, Clean Language & Metaphors and Spiritual Intelligence. In July 2018 he was named in the Coaching Top 50 by CV Magazine. In May 2019 he was chosen from a pool of worldwide candidates to be one of the 100 winners of the CEO Today Management Consulting Awards 2019. His “Introduction to the 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence” held at the Prague Conference Centre during ICF Converge 2019 was received with warmth and inspired many into action. He holds degrees in German, Spanish and Literature from the University of Pisa, Italy and a BA (Hons) at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. As an actor he won awards in both London and Rome. In the words of Nelson Mandela, ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’
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