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Because a fresh pair of eyes and the right questions can unlock your best life

Coaching that empowers your evolution as an incredible human

Do you feel stuck or aren’t sure about your direction in life? Do you have a challenging decision to make or opportunity on the horizon? Do you want to make some big changes, but aren’t sure how?

Working with a life coach is a one-to-one collaborative process that helps you to:

  • Gain clarity about what you want, why you want it and how you can get it
  • Bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be
  • Create strategies and techniques to help you reach your goals faster
  • Overcome obstacles, low self-confidence and self-doubt
  • Explore and evaluate your options – an uncover ones you didn’t know existed

Find the power, courage and motivation to create the life you desire Life coaching provides the focus and support you need to understand how to use your unique skills, strengths and gis to live a magical life as the best version of yourself.

Why life coaching could be right for you

Life classes and events are a great place to start when we want to develop ourselves, but sometimes we need of a deeper more personal experience to help us breakthrough our barriers, find clarity and move forward.

Life coaching might be right for you if

  • You have a strong desire for change in your life
  • You are ready to invest in your future to achieve quality results
  • You have a particular goal that you are close to achieving, but it feels just
    out of reach
  • You are willing to be open and honest with yourself, and your life coach
  • You like working on a more personal level with one person, rather than in a
  • You can commit the time to incorporate goal orientated steps into your
    daily life

Why life coaching works

Life Coaching is an investment into your future happiness. Other ‘feel-good investments’ you make - like a gym membership, meals out, or a weekend abroad – might seem less expensive, but their upliing eects can be short-lived as they oer immediate satisfaction rather than deep transformation. The big dierence is that life coaching will equip you with tools and techniques you can use again and again, creating an improved sense of self that lasts you a lifetime.

What you can expect from a life coaching session

Each coaching session is 45 minutes long and takes place on a fortnightly basis. This gives you the luxury of a regular time and space to explore what you really want from life with a qualified coach.

Aer being guided and challenged by your coach, you’ll finish each session by agreeing on specific action steps that bring you closer to the results you desire.

In return for your commitment to being open, honest and willing to take action, your coach will:

  • Show total dedication to your goals
  • Support, encourage and motivate you
  • Hold you accountable to keep you on rack
  • Create a non-judgmental and positive space
  • Show you their passion to see you reach your full potential

TNM’s approach to life coaching

Life coaching sessions are design to help you uncover your innate strengths, define your goals, and then focus on the steps you need to take to achieve them.

We believe that each person possesses a combination of natural ability and the capacity to develop as kind humans capable of changing the world. This journey of growth can be facilitated through the successful coaching of 3 dimensions: personality, performance and potential.

This is a combination of emotions, attitudes and behaviours based on past experiences and predisposition. Coaching personality will enhance and unleash the natural abilities of the coachee to become a balanced and strong individual.
Our performance is defined by our current set of skills and abilities and how we apply them. Coaching performance will focus on building skill sets needed for the executives to achieve peak performance.
A person’s potential is the inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or coming into being. Coaching potential enhances existing and unleashes new potential to achieve personal and business success.

Simple life-coaching packages

There are enough things in world to confuse you – coaching packages shouldn’t be one of them.

We also want our life coaching services to be as accessible for people anywhere in the world – so they’re all held virtually.

Coaching Package

Designed to help you focus on a specific issue and see results, this type of coaching provides you with the tools to resolve a problem or seize an opportunity that is right in front of you..

3 x 45-minute sessions
over 1 month

Coaching Package

Designed to help you ‘breakthrough’ whatever it is that is keeping you stuck or confused, this package will help you gain clarity around a specific, short-term goal.

6 x 45-minute sessions
held each fortnight over 2 months

Transformational Coaching Package

Designed to support you through profound changes and challenges, such as changing jobs, intensifying your entrepreneurial edge, creating wealth, or reaching the pinnacle of personal growth.

9 x 45-minute sessions
held each fortnight over 3 months

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Lisa Wynn
Wants you to live an epic life
Lisa Wynn

Lisa Wynn

Wants you to live an epic life
A Master Certified Coach for 15 years, a Certified Wealth Creation Coach and the author of "Foundations of Mastery in the Coaching", Lisa has taught coaching to people from all walks of life and from all over the world. She has been an ICF assessor for almost 20 years and has taught coaching on 4 continents. Lisa believes utterly in human beings' abilities to create magical, exponential results for themselves and for humanity. She is totally dedicated to evolving the paradigm of change-making - we can have an exceptional life, personal abundance and create massive positive change. Lisa wants us all to arrive at the end of our lives saying "Oh wow. That was epic! What a ride I had and what a difference I made".