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If you’re searching for inspiration, a new perspective, or guidance on a nagging issue in your life, you’ve come to the right place. These podcasts are interesting, informative and just a little different.

TNM Unplugged is a series of interviews with our thriving global community of coaches, mentors and teachers who have vast experience in the realms of personal development, leadership, coaching, wellbeing and lifestyle.
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Rikke imparts scientific facts and unravels complex material on mastering emotions in her contagious joyful style.
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Join us on this podcast to Explore Embodied masculinity, We will talk on how can we experience masculine maturity - toward becoming more powerful in ...
In this podcast we'll examine what integrity is, and we'll see how we can develop it and preserve it by making the right choices in life
Learn how to become the master of your destiny by harnessing your actions and intentions.
We shine a clarifying light on the mind-bending topic of spiritual ascension.
Learn about a powerful method that helps you recognise and dissolve unhealthy relationship entanglements and heal collective trauma.
This English photographer describes a new creative path to communicate our changing relationship with our environment.
An exploration of Mad's journey to creating Shamballa, and his spiritual life lessons along the way.
How to recognise our blocks and heal our bodies naturally while simultaneously transforming our planet.
Discover a fascinating perspective on who we are, and why we are here, with this best-selling author.
Learn about this unique coaching system and how it can support you to thrive with greater clarity for the future.
Find out how our own historical imprints shaped us and how they affect our lives now.
Discover how to reduce stress and sick leave and improve employee performance through core mindfulness techniques.