Episode 87

Awaken your Soul's True Calling in Breathtaking Ibiza with Zoran Todorovic

Join our team to explore the benefits of our life changing retreat, held in a beautiful island paradise.

Join Zoran Todorovic, Larah David and Stephanie Canavesion who explore the benefits of joining the upcoming retreat in Ibiza.

Only a few spaces are available. Click the link below to explore more about the retreat or register:


More on this retreat

What if this year you embarked on a life-changing mission of self-discovery to live life in soul alignment?

The challenge of living in alignment with your true self while leading a modern life can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and even lonely. Yet few paths in life are as meaningful and rewarding as the one you take to awaken your soul consciousness, connecting deeply to your intuitive wisdom.

Whether you are new to the journey of self-discovery or have been on this path for some time, we appreciate that many spiritual seekers encounter struggles and stresses in life and at times these can feel insurmountable.

This retreat is your opportunity to press the reset button. To learn to live life fearlessly and with trust in the divine. We welcome you to expand your comfort zones, grow your confidence, and recalibrate your mind-body-spirit connection as a whole somatic being so that you can shine brightly for yourself and for the world around you.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about how to integrate purpose and fulfillment into everyday life is waiting for you!