Episode 45

Beyond Coaching - Meditation as a Gateway to Wholeness with Stephanie Canavesio

A challenge to find your inner divine resonance through the practice of meditation.

A Beyond Coaching series podcast.

Joining TNM Unplugged once again, Stephanie Canavesio discusses the power and potential of meditation as a path to wholeness.

This conversation is so rich it defies a simple description. It is an alchemy of the soul bringing together disparate elements to form a profound panacea for our times. Part demystification of and practical advice on the practice of meditation (it can be 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes or more), part prayer (through which we each discover, integrate and align all that resonates within us for openness and compassion for others), and part meditation, you will come away a with a quiet mind, a lighter spirit, an open heart and a challenge to find your inner divine resonance through meditation practice. 

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