Episode 48

Beyond Coaching - Meditation in Daily Life with Vikram Abhishek Mall

Vikram combines his vast yogic experience with scientific principles to reveal requirements for a successful mediation practice.

A Beyond Coaching series podcast.

TNM coach Vikram Abhishek Mall has trained with the famous Bihar School of Yoga at Munger, India, and with Arsha Yoga Peetham, in Combatore, India. He also has experimented with various schools of meditation and pranayama.

In a discussion with Zoran Todorovic, Vikram synthesizes the unequivocal wisdom of the east with the pragmatic scientific rigor of the west to reveal requirements for a successful mediation practice (Hint: consistency is key!).

You will learn the functional differences between focus, concentration, and mediation and discover the four states the human mind undergoes during the practice of meditation. Consistency is key so keep up your practice of listening to TNMUnplugged today!