Episode 46

Beyond Coaching - Self-Leadership, Impact and Influence with Bikundo Onyara

Practical advice, helpful habits, and meaningful methods to explore who you are, how you show up and how you lead yourself.

A Beyond Coaching series podcast.

Leadership is about inspiring others. But where do leaders find their inspiration?

Bikundo Onyara, TNM Coaching trainer, NLP coach, life and business coach, and facilitator discusses the steps necessary for leading yourself.

His own journey of self-discovery led him from working in his mother’s grocery store to teaching social entrepreneurship, and then to coaching and inspiring others to success. But one day he wondered: “What about me? How am I inspiring myself?” So, he turned his expertise and skills inward.

Bikundo offers practical advice, helpful habits, and meaningful methods to begin to explore who you are in the world, how you show up, how to connect with yourself more deeply, and, ultimately to identify the goals you want to achieve. Listen and be inspired!