Episode 37

Beyond Coaching - Somatic Thinking with Sameer Hassan

Learn how to free your mind by listening to the body when it's whispering, rather than when it's screaming in pain.

A Beyond Coaching series podcast.

Join Sameer Hassan, MCC as he discusses the philosophy and profound power of Somatic Thinking in coaching.

Sameer posits that bodies have their own consciousness: they operate and react before the mind even fully understands what is happening. Therefore, he offers practical exercises for how you can free your mind from constraints and develop a relationship with your body’s consciousness.

By becoming aware of physical sensations – in your body (heat, cold, pressure, lightness) and in your surroundings (sounds and smells) your sensitivity and your vocabulary to describe these sensations will improve. Your body will become your ally, your partner, and your sensations will become an asset in supporting your mental processing, decision-making, emotional intelligence, leadership skills, coaching skills and more.

Tune in and learn how to “listen to the body when it is whispering, rather than when it is screaming in pain.”