Episode 62

Beyond Coaching - The House of Rock Star with Megan Jo Wilson

Learn how Megan came to teach women leadership and entrepreneurialism through music with her “House of Rock Star” program.

A Beyond Coaching series podcast.

We dive into the details of this transformative, empowering experience for women. 

About Megan Jo Wilson
Singer, artist, coach, teacher, and author of No More Playing Small: Free Your Inner Rockstar and Go All in on Your Full-Time Coaching Career, Megan Jo Wilson supports women to own their power, brilliance, beliefs and wisdom, and to develop their leadership skills in a world and culture that doesn’t honor the feminine.

Her Rock Star Camp gives women a visceral experience of being literally in the spotlight, seen and heard in an extreme way with music as the supporting partner. Feelings of annihilation become feelings of inspiration and it is all streamed live!