Episode 65

Beyond Coaching - The Power of Movement, Stillness and Meditation in Troubling Times with Chris Connors

Discover how to access the healing salves of movement, meditation and stillness when life is challenging you.

A Beyond Coaching series podcast.

Discover how to access healing salves during troubled times.

About Chris Connors
Chris Connors is a creative director, mentor, speaker and teacher, bridging the worlds of conscious living and design.

The past 20 years of his life have been dedicated to human awakening through a unique combination of techniques and immersive experiences embracing art, science, and technology with mind, body, and soul.

He is the founder of OPO a wellness technology company creating life-enhancing, immersive experiences in both real and virtual spaces. Download the OPO app to find out more.

Chris is also a coach and mentor working to transform leaders and individuals to channel their influence in a more conscious way: in particular, his InStill retreat programs are renowned for deep and transformational work. He has also worked with LVMH, Net a Porter and Yoox, Nike and Aesop, delivering bespoke coaching and mindfulness programs for leaders of exceptional talent including personal development and empowerment work.

He has been trusted by many of the world's leading thinkers and creators to guide their personal visions through his coaching and mentorship programs.