Episode 38

Beyond Leadership - Journey Towards Reinvention with Artistry with Jean-Francois Cousin

We demystify the artist within and uncover how this creative energy can be used for reinvention, thought, problem-solving and leadership.

A Beyond Leadership series podcast.

Leadership requires inspiration and innovation. It requires intuition and an unrestrained mind. It requires artistry.

Returning to TNM Unplugged to talk with Zoran Todorovic, Master Coach Jean-Francois Cousin demystifies the artist within and discusses how this creative energy can be used for reinvention, expanding our ways of thinking, problem-solving, and leading.

He suggests we are all born artists and have within us seeds of creativity that need only to be discovered and nurtured without fear. He offers specific ways to uncover and connect to that energy and use it as a resource for our own personal development and our organisation's competitive advantage.