Episode 31

Beyond Leadership - Living Your Values with Sabreena Andriesz and Nancy Hughes

In this intimate podcast, we'll challenge you to be honest about your values and how you live by them.

A Beyond Leadership series podcast.

Join Zoran Todorovic MCC in conversation with Master Coaches Sabreena Andriesz Ph.D. and Nancy Hughes as they explore:
- how to discover your values and define their importance;
- how to understand and respect the values of others in light of cultural differences or other nuances;
- how to distinguish between “terminal” and “instrumental” values; and
- how to align living your values on all levels and through many layers of expression.

To express a value isn’t only an action, it is also your state of mind and heart behind the action. In this deeply personal podcast, you will be challenged to be honest about why you hold the values you do, how your behavior embodies those values, and how that behavior impacts others.

At a time in our history when so many people are polarized at this core level, we must be curious, be open with compassion and nonjudgement to begin conversations, and ask ourselves and others: “Why is this important to you? I’m listening…”