Episode 30

Beyond Leadership - The Path of Conscious Leadership with Isabelle Courtney-Guy

We're all in survival mode, but it's being fully awake and committed to daily evolution that will allow us to inspire others and create results.

A Beyond Leadership series podcast.

To be a leader in these turbulent times, it's tempting to just hunker down and try to survive – to fall back on tried and tested ways of getting through a tough situation. We don’t think too much about who we are being and how we are behaving, we just do our best – kind of like sleepwalking. But to inspire and lead others to create results whilst we move to meet this new and uncertain future requires us to be fully awake: to be Conscious Leaders.

In this installment of Beyond Leadership, TNM senior coach Isabelle Courtney-Guy in conversation with Zoran Todorovic, invites you to awaken your conscious leader and step onto a path of daily evolution: to get into the right relationship with your purpose and all aspects of yourself, as well as with those who journey with us. Listen to be inspired, energised, brilliant, and ready for action!