Episode 27

Beyond Leadership - You and AI, with Judith Eberl, Adriana Strnad and Damian Fearns

The team explores our relationship to AI, the benefits, and the ethical dilemmas it brings as it makes an increasing impact on our lives.

Our world is moving at a rapid pace. New technologies create disruptions in all spheres of life. Artificial Intelligence or AI is one such technology that has already affected some of the ways we, as human beings, think, act, live, and work.

So...what is our relationship to AI? What ethical dilemmas does AI bring? What do business leaders need to manage AI? What are the benefits and costs?

Listen with curiosity as TNM Coaches Judith Eberl, Adriana Strnad, and Damian Fearns share highlights from their exciting multi-part AI workshop with host Zoran Todorovic to help you understand, navigate, and embrace the changes ahead.