Episode 72

Follow Your Inner Guidance with Lili Xu Brandt

We chat to Lili, whose interests and career have followed the cutting-edge intersection between the collective human intelligence and technology.

About Lili Xu Brandt
About Lili Xu Brandt directs MITx u.lab China (www.presencing.org), which has made distributed innovation and action-learning infrastructure available for Chinese business and social leaders. Their award-winning program has enrolled more than 200,000 participants in 185 countries for various social and business renewal initiatives.

Lili brought Theory U-based innovation processes to various Chinese organisations and contexts, including a globalisation strategy program at Ant Financial, sensing journeys for the top 400 leaders at Alibaba, plus leadership capacity-building programs at ICBC, Fosun, Save the Children Foundation (Hong Kong) and many other businesses, social and government agencies.

With a diploma in Engineering, Lili has always been interested in the cutting-edge intersection between our collective human intelligence and technology. She was invited to become an executive team member of the Council on Extended Intelligence founded by MIT and IEEE (www.globalcxi.org), and since 2020, she has been a partner of boutique Chinese technology firm Planet 178 which focuses on providing technology and human solutions for upcoming symbiotic business paradigms in China and beyond.

Lili was a parent at Green School in Bali and has since been involved with the Cousteau family’s Oceans 2050 foundation, serving as an advisory board member.