Episode 95

Lets Shamballize: Shine with Love, Joy, Compassion and Wisdom with Mads Kornerup

An exploration of Mad's journey to creating Shamballa, and his spiritual life lessons along the way.

Co-Founder of Shamballa Jewels, Mads Kornerup, has a burning desire to revolutionise men’s jewelry. With his brother Mikkel, Mads has been doing just that since the beginning of 2005. Shamballa connects ancient Eastern philosophies and traditions and strong Nordic design, craft, and business traditions.

Mads has a strong faith, a die-hard willingness to do things differently, and the courage to challenge the established jewelry industry. This has made him a teacher, leader and way-shower within his industry.

He says: "Shamballa Jewels exist to remind humans to shine with love, joy, compassion, and wisdom. Together we Shamballize!"

In this episode, we explore Mads journey of creating Shamballa Jewels, and his spiritual life lessons along the way. We look into the concepts of creativity, entrepreneurship, fear of death, synchronicity, synchro destiny, curiosity, and adventure.

An amazing high-frequency download and an ideal podcast to listen to for empowerment and inspiration.

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