Episode 70

On Comfort with the Unknown with Dr. Marcia Reynolds

Marcia imparts her expertise in neuroscience and behavioural research to help you find comfort when faced with uncertainty.

About Dr. Marcia Reynolds
Dr. Marcia Reynolds, president of Covisioning LLC, is the master of teaching others how to engage in powerful conversations that connect, influence, and activate change, even when emotions are strong.

From government agencies and large multi-national companies to coaching schools in Italy, Turkey, Russia, China, India, the Philippines, and across North America, she’s been hired by organizations around the globe, not just because of her highly engaging presentations but because of ability to change people’s minds.

This highly sought-after behavioral scientist is happily obsessed with uncovering the latest discoveries in neuro/behavioral research and putting them into practical applications. With a doctoral degree in Organizational Psychology and two master’s degrees in Education and Communications, Marcia’s expertise ranges from holding powerful conversations to activating the emotions of passion and courage at work. She generously shares what she learns in blog posts, podcasts, and books, all available on her website.

When you face difficult conversations, Dr. Marcia Reynolds offers solutions on how to flip defensiveness, create rapport, and have everyone involved experience breakthroughs in thinking and seeing new ways forward.

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