Episode 97

Our Cosmic Ascension with Ismael Perez

In this podcast, we shine a clarifying light on the mind-bending topic of spiritual ascension.

Ascension is one of many major topics out there which can become confusing very quickly. Everyone seems to have a different understanding of what spiritual ascension means. The plethora of information out there doesn’t help: it can make you quite disoriented in a short amount of time.

In this podcast, we will shine further clarity on the topics of ascension by addressing flowing questions:

What is ascension? And how does this work?

What does it feel like and look like?

What is the process of accession and what is the outcome?

What will the world look and feel like after ascension?
Home, work, community, love, relationship families?

What about interspace relationships?

Are we already in ascension?

What is unity consciousness?

And when does polarity ends?

Join us with Ismael Perez, the author of Our Cosmic Origin, a number-one bestseller on Amazon. His book covers Earth's place in the multiverse, our galactic history, and the organization of our cosmos.

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