Awaken your Soul’s True Calling in Breathtaking Ibiza

Rest, relax and realign yourself in a transformational ‘Soul Consciousness’ retreat

A soul consciousness retreat to nourish your mind and body

The challenge of living in alignment with your true self while leading a modern life can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and even lonely. Yet few paths in life are as meaningful and rewarding as the one you take to awaken your soul consciousness, connecting deeply with your intuitive wisdom. 

This seven-day journey of self-discovery, holistic wellness and reconnection with your deeper purpose will nourish your nervous system and expand your intuitive awareness.

It is facilitated by world-class coaches, teachers and leading experts in personal development, yoga, breathwork and mindfulness, indigenous wisdom, sound healing and body wisdom, plus naturopathic nutritionists and medicine women.

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Who this event is for

Whether you are new to the journey of self-discovery, or have been on this path for some time, we appreciate that many spiritual seekers encounter struggles and stresses in life which can feel insurmountable.

Awakening ‘Soul Consciousness’ is about reconnecting with the part of you that feels lost or disengaged, so you can start living your life as a conscious creator of your own reality, clear about your life path, feeling self-nourished and whole.

By aligning yourself with your soul purpose, you will also raise your natural frequency and begin to experience long periods of joy and peace.

This retreat is your opportunity to press the reset button. To learn to live life fearlessly and with trust in the divine. We welcome you to expand your comfort zones, grow your confidence, recalibrate your mind-body-spirit connection, so that you can shine brightly for yourself and for your world around you.

What to expect on this retreat

A peaceful villa in the mountains of Ibiza

The retreat will be held at S’Ermita - a spectacular Villa sitting on a private mountainside location close to the village of San Miguel, in the north of the island of Ibiza.

Set within lush Mediterranean gardens, with views to the adjacent pine-clad mountains and valleys, this vast property has two pools, an abundance of lounging and sunbathing areas, ponds, fountains, wooden pergola, lawns and terraces.

All of the eight suites, along with the casita, offer peaceful and private accommodation, with a selection of twin or double beds, all with ensuite bathrooms - the perfect luxury Villa for our retreat.

S’Ermita has a separate Spa, with a gym, massage room, sauna and Jacuzzi, with direct access to a large terrace and poolside lounge area, along with a large authentic Ibiza style living room for guests to relax and socialise.

Daily yoga takes place on either the beautiful wooden deck overlooking the valley, or in the wooden indoor Shala surrounded with windows overlooking the valley.

A carefully considered 3-part retreat

60 Minute Virtual Session (1:1 online session with Larah or Zoran)

This preparation will help you to discover what you need to let go of to connect to your soul consciousness. You will identify obstacles that are holding you back from tapping into your full power, and co-create a map for your mental, physical and energetic needs on this retreat so that our team can offer a personalised holistic program to support your journey.

This intensive, 6-night retreat will immerse you in five life altering practices that will transform your life.

The soul-nourishing retreat package includes:

  • 6 nights of luxury accommodation
  • Nutritionally designed, purifying vegetarian cuisine, prepared using the finest organic and locally sourced seasonal produce
  • 1-to-1 Holistic Wellness Consultation (at retreat)
  • Full body massage
  • Daily morning guided presence embodied meditation session
  • Daily morning mindful enlightened yoga, breathwork practice (all levels)
  • Daily morning Quantum Coaching Circle / knowledge transfer session
  • 1 Evening restorative yoga & yoga nidra (life state optimisation)
  • 1 Evening transformative mystic breathwork
  • 1 Evening Voicessence self-expression journey
  • 1 Temazcal (sweat lodge for deep purification) with a local, traditional Curandera sharing ancient-future indigenous wisdom
  • Masterminding circles (group co-coaching and co-creation)
  • Guided relaxations & guided visualisations on audio-downloads (mp3 recordings)
  • Self-practice guided meditations on audio-downloads (mp3 recordings)
  • Self-practice morning yoga / alignment / rituals
  • Day & evening alignment and revitalising rituals

Optional Extras: Further treatments & therapies will be recommended during your initial 1-to-1 Holistic Wellness Consultation (at retreat)

60 Minute Virtual Session (1:1 online session with Larah or Zoran)

This virtual session allows you to integrate all you have experienced and learned, to create the fulfilling life that is your soul's purpose.

Immersion in 5 life-altering practices

The Evolutionary Coaching Approach assumes the total and complete integration of mind, heart, spirit and soul into a new and expanded wholeness of self. This takes you beyond self to discover the true power of coaching, living, working and playing to become the best that you can be.

Presence Embodied is a practice of becoming your true, authentic self. When you can show up presently to this process, the healing can flow in and through you, and it becomes fully integrated. This meditational journey is the cornerstone of Stephanie’s approach to compassionate self-inquiry and meditative practices that navigate fears, traumas and triggers with tai-chi-like awareness.

This Yoga practice will guide you on an exploration of the architecture and subtle energy system of holistic alignment. You will explore how to embody the life state that enables you to live your desired reality through a mindful flow Yoga that weaves postures, breathwork and self-enquiry into a new encounter with yourself as a multi-dimensional “temple”. Larah threads Yogic Philosophy and Quantum Coaching into a process that gets you out of your head and into your body.

When we dive deep and tap into silence and music, the messages passing through us from the Spirit are precise. Pure knowledge flows through and we can translate it through sound, resonance and song, alchemising ancient pains into new insights, harmony and a heart-felt union with ourselves and each other. When we are in this space of music and silence and breath, we fine-tune our awareness to listen within and to each other, with a new openness that allows magic and infinite possibilities to flow through.

Guided with care in a soulful, bright, inspiring and sacred space, deep release and expansive insights can prevail as you explore your inner world, releasing what is holding you back. Seeking your truth and connecting with your highest alignment, you will embark on a quest to breathe and rise to your full potentiality!

Transformative results

During the retreat, the way you approach life will completely transform as you learn lessons from each of the five life-altering practices, in addition to quantum coaching and a nourishing food experience.

  • how to unclutter your body, mind and spirit so that the energy flow and vitality is optimised
  • how to deepen your connection to the inner map of self with a greater awareness of limiting beliefs so you can choose to transcend to a greater path.
  • how to transform and release pain patterns and deeply held tensions on an emotional and physical level.
  • how to open your inner space for new visions and inspirations to arise.
  • how your beliefs condition your reality and are deeply connected to your emotional pain and suffering, which holds you in self-sabotaging patterns.
  • that your fears are simply memories of past pain projected into the future and that they are no longer part of your awakened reality.
  • how to practice self-observation to quiet your mind and relieve anxiety, so you can remain present and make empowered decisions.
  • how to see every event as neutral, to help you cope with your emotions and recurring struggles for a more accepting and relaxed approach to life.
  • how to see every problem as an opportunity to reach new levels of growth, abundance, and success, so you experience your highest potential.
  • how to release subconscious blockages and traumas.
  • how to relax into your parasympathetic nervous system.
  • experience ‘Meditation in Motion’, synergising breath, movement and intention.
  • create daily rituals to tune into your intuition and awaken your body’s intelligence to stay connected to your path.
  • to release stresses and tensions and drop into your ‘Creative Potency’ to allow the monkey mind to unwind.
  • to vibrate at a higher frequency, through physical, emotional and energetic harmony.
  • how to open yourself to the support of the universe so the goodness of your life can manifest.
  • how to develop acceptance of life's most challenging situations so you can let go of the past and live free in the present.
  • how to develop forgiveness and honesty, to dissolve lingering feelings of resentment and suppressed emotions, so you can feel as light as air and at peace.
  • how to affirm, visualise and energise the life you want, to clear stagnant imagination blocks and create your soul's desires.
  • how to value yourself, develop self-responsibility, self-assertiveness and personal integrity so you can stop living for other people and live your truth.
  • to activate your vocal leadership by opening your voice, breath and body.
  • to tap into your musicality to uplift your creativity and expand your ability to communicate your insights, inspiration and ideas.
  • how to manifest your reality from a place of aligned vocal resonance.
  • to remember your true essence through movement, breath-work and vocal expression.
  • how to deepen your inner connection with yourself through listening and voice activation.
  • how to release old patterns, pains and tensions so a new life-force can flow through you.
  • how to align with your unique resonance.
  • to live from the power of the present moment, where anything is possible.
  • how to expand your conscious awareness of the workings of the mind, thought patterns and loops so that you can become an objective observer.
  • to develop a daily practice to create the space to face and honour your true feelings and emotions as they arise with self-compassion.
  • to transcend triggers and emotional challenges with wisdom and grace.
  • how to eat and enjoy your food mindfully to enable your body to naturally detox and absorb the most nutrition.
  • how to maintain gut nutrition for optimal health.
  • how to use food to increase vitality, emotional balance, mental clarity and physical strength.
  • practical nutritional ideas that compliment your daily routine.
  • how to set up a basic Vital Kitchen: vital ingredients to detox, nourish the brain and optimise digestion.
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Meet our Ibiza retreat team

Zoran Todorovic
Larah Davis
Founder of Ibiza Retreats, Yoga Teacher, Clinically trained Yoga Therapist, Integrative Quantum Medicine™ & NLP Master Practitioner, Holistic Life Coach, Writer and former Wellness editor of Psychologies Magazine, Larah has recently launched AVATARA, a Holistic Consultancy for individuals, organisations & teams to align purpose, passions and path from a regenerative state of holistic wellbeing. Larah holds a heart-centered space to alchemise the challenges of life into golden opportunities for transcendence and growth.
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Stephanie Canavesio
Master Meditation teacher, with a multitude of mastered healing modalities, Stephanie has developed a unique approach to her guidance and teachings through compassionate inquiry and meditative practices, called Presence Embodied. Stephanie connects you to the present moment to restore you to your truest expression and the practice of consciousness.
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Anika Lefebvre
Renowned Breathwork Specialist and Certified Hypnotherapist, Anika has held space for the past 15 years in workshops, immersions and transformative experiences. She developed Mystic Breath to enable you to tune into your deeper and higher levels of awareness so that you can expand into your potential. Her precise and supportive presence enables you to feel held and safe so that you can relax and dive deeper into your personal process. 
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Laor Oman-Naharin
Laor, Medicine Woman, Musician and Vocal Alchemist, has been researching the powers of the human voice for over 15 years. She leads sacred circles, concerts and ceremonial concerts worldwide. Her abilities and skills culminate in her unique, magical VoicEssence Vocal-breath journey workshops.  Gathering with Laor is a uniquely inspiring experience that awakens our being, enables and touches the depth of our souls.
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Josh Lipschitz
Josh is a talented team leader, holistic host and has dedicated his life journey to being in service to projects focussed on the healing of humanity and regeneration of our world. Whether inspiring future generations or offering guidance and spiritual counsel, his wisdom transcends his years as he holds a safe space for our guests to journey within..
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Maria Valdivia - Curandera
Maria comes from the Mapuche lineage of the Chilean Andes and leads Temezcals, medicinal healing ceremonies and Vision Quests here in Ibiza. Maria invites us all, with her compassionate wisdom and empowering guidance, to rediscover our connection to mother Earth as our “healer”. Through her words, actions and the rituals, she teaches us how to remember that Mother Earth herself offers everything we need to nourish, heal and grow. She leads us back to ourselves through a path of “firmeza” or strong commitment to our purpose. Inviting our hearts to fill with the courage to honour existence, our natural rhythms and cycles, so that we can rise as leaders from a place of service and integrity.
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Are you ready to rest, realign and reconnect with yourself?
Join us in the heart of paradise surrounded by guides and like-minded open-hearted people, to rediscover the power and intimacy of authentic human connection. Open your heart, unwind your mind and revitalise your body!
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Ibiza retreat FAQs

‘Soul Consciousness’ is for people who want to unlock the key to true fulfilment and connect with their life's higher purpose.

Not to mention it's in a breathtaking location, nestled in the heart of Ibiza. This retreat is designed to help you de-stress, reconnect, relax and get back to being YOU.

This retreat is designed for those seeking to navigate the many dimensions of life with greater ease, to grow personally, professionally and spiritually and to break through to an enhanced version of their lives.

This retreat is all-inclusive. During your stay, all food and drinks will be provided and are included in the price. (Prices are inclusive of accommodation, food & daily yoga

Simply contact our team - [email protected] and we'll be more than happy to help.

Please note that payment in full is required within 5 working days of reserving your spot, to secure your booking.

If you cancel your trip, TNM Coaching Life does not offer refunds for any reason. A portion of your payment may be used as credit for another retreat to be taken within one year of your original retreat date, or you can transfer your credit to another guest.

To give you confidence in booking during these fast-changing times we offer a transferable deposit to future retreats should travel restrictions prohibit you from travelling to Ibiza at the time of the retreat. Please note that this does not include quarantine on return to your country of residence.

Depending on when you cancel:

  • If you cancel more than 90 days before your retreat start date, 100% of your payment may be applied to another Retreat.
  • If you cancel 60 – 89 days before your retreat start date, 75% of your payment may be applied to another Retreat. You will forfeit 25% of the price of your retreat.
  • If you cancel 15 – 59 days before your retreat start date, 40% of your payment may be applied to another Retreat. You will forfeit 60% of the price of your retreat.
  • If you cancel 14 days or less before your retreat start date, you will forfeit your entire payment.

Exceptions to our policy cannot be made for any reason. We do not offer credit for a guest arriving late or leaving early.

It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy before making a reservation. 

We recommend only purchasing flights with transferrable dates/cancellation options.  There are now options for this with most airlines.

Please take out full travel insurance once you have made your reservation, including cancellation of flights due to international travel restrictions.

Depending on the policy and conditions, travel cancellation insurance will pay for some or all cancellation fees.

In these unprecedented times where COVID-19 restrictions have affected travel in the past, we understand you may have concerns regarding your booking with us. We have added the following clauses to our Cancellation Policy to reassure you:

  • If we cannot move forward with the retreat because of Covid-19 restrictions and we have to cancel your booking, you will get a full refund.
  • If there is a travel ban from your country of origin to the retreat destination and you cancel your booking for this reason, you will get a full refund minus the deposit which can be moved to a retreat of your choice in the future.

If you have any questions regarding our Cancellation and Covid-19 Policies, please get in touch with us by email via [email protected]