Nasreen Khan

Purposeful, positive, practical and a little playful
Nasreen Khan is an optimistic and empathetic human being. A skilled Coach and Facilitator, she brings simplicity, authenticity, and commitment to whatever she chooses to do. Nasreen is fascinated by human behavior and the human mind, and particularly by the concept of happiness. She has been running “Happiness and Positivity” Workshops for over decade. Nasreen became curious about Happiness and Well Being after she went through a very difficult patch in her life and needed resources to bounce back. Her exploration led on many paths including being in silence on a 10-day Vipassana retreat, becoming a Master Practitioner of NLP, learning Reiki, exploring hypnosis, acupressure, yoga, meditation, EFT, Heal your Life and other methodologies. Having tried and tested various modalities, Nasreen now judiciously brings in a mix of Eastern wisdom with Western research and knowledge to her work on happiness and wellbeing.