Patrycja Skurzak

Harnesses confidence and self-esteem for growth and fulfilment
Patrycja Skurzak empowers people in mastering high level of confidence and self-esteem to unlock their true potential and maximize their growth. She works with individual clients, groups, and organizations to help them produce more satisfying results, develop positive mindset, navigate change, lead more effectively, and build healthier relationships. Patrycja's approach draws on an integrated range of psychologically grounded coaching frameworks and techniques, is always challenging, direct, creative, and inspiring. She partners with clients in a thought-provoking and practical way that stimulates & empowers them to maximize their potential, deepen their learning and enhance the overall quality of their lives. Patrycja’s definition of success is to help people expand their self-awareness, build clarity around their goals, evoke their courage to act and challenge them to remain persistent in their self-development journey. You can work with Patrycja on personal fulfilment, self-discovery, confidence building and self-esteem, goal clarification as well as career transition and personal branding.